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Campfire Songs!

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Lindsay - It's in Neskowin Oregon. But, Shhhhhhh. Don't want too many people to find it! :)))


Jan, this place of yours keeps sounding better and better. Cozy fire, peaceful beautiful surroundings. Seems like the perfect spot!!! Thanks for sharing :)


Kirsten and Lindsay - I forgot to mention. At night, you could see all the stars and the moon over the water is breathtaking. (unless, of course, there is a storm), Fabulous ocean views. Thanks!

Ardy - sounds like you have wonderful campfire experiences, too. I'm so glad! Thanks!


Lovely, Jan. Thank you. It looks you had some of the crystals that you throw on the fire and beautiful colors appear. Your beach place sounds wonderful. There's nothing like the crackling and snapping of a real fire - and aroma!!! (As long as it's not smoking.) I love summer cap both a a camper and as a counselor. Campfire was the best time of day ( night). We were in a wooded area on the shores of one of the Finger Lakes in NY State. Beautiful country. Thanks, Jan. Lovely memories.


That place sounds wonderful Jan!!


Oh, Jan! Your beach place sounds like paradise! Sigh. And thanks for a glorious puzzle too. :)))


Thanks so much, Lindsay. I love being at the beach in this place where we stay. They have the best fireplace and restock the wood each morning. Walking on the beach in the mist and maybe rain (with the dog) and then coming back, lighting a fire and just watching the flames. What a great way to spend a few days! That is my campfire now. :D))


Campfires are one of my favorite parts about camping, second only to waking up to all the lovely bird songs. There is something so mesmerizing and tranquil about a campfire. And you captured both qualities in your kaleido. Thanks Jan.


Rosie - some of the puzzle's cousins have been posted, that's why the familiarity.

A cabin in the woods on a lake sounds wonderful! I'll bet you had a LOT of fun there.
As to the barnyard, my parents stopped to ask directions out on a farm in a woods and were invited in for lemonade. They chatted a bit. It was late fall and there was a dog that appeared to be living with the pigs. Mom asked about it and the farmer said that they didn't know what they would do with it because no animals were allowed in the house and it would probably die over the winter. Mom's soft heart is the reason they ended up with a chihuahua named "Piggy!"


This looks vaguely familiar---I feel like I've seen it before in different colors. I never went to camp---we spent our summers at the family cabin in the woods and on a lake. We made friends with the farmers kids a few miles away and road their horses every day and helped take care of the piglets and lambs. Funny, they never had chickens.


Thanks so very much, Jim. I think you're right!! :)


I think that anybody who has sat around a campfire knows Kumbaya. I think it is the official sponsor of campfires. Actually looks like fire with the different colored coals. Thanks Jan


Thanks to you Francine. At least we all got to go to camp. Mine was a Girl Scout camp.


You two have me humming and thinking the lyrics. :))...Have to love these cheerful colours. Thanks, Jan.


I was actually going to use "Kumbaya" in the title! How funny! I always LOVED those campfires!
But, I think I know why everything is mouth or teeth to you lately........ :)
Thanks, JC!


I see a giant mouth about to devour the campers as they all sing Kumbaya!
Probably too many ghost and monster stories around the campfire when I was young. LOL!