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Sunrise This Morning / Out My Backdoor

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Thanks Ardy mabe I can catch one today too


Beautiful sunrise. Lovely clouds. Thanks, Pat.


Thank you Ms Punkin.


You have beautiful skies around your home, Pat!


Jan I hope I can do the panoramas with the new camera I got the hubby for Christmas. If not I will always have this camera.. Hugs
Thanks Jan have a great day. Hugs
Graciela so glad you liked the picture. Hugs
Dondi I know excatly what you are talking as I always went to my uncle's farm in the summer. We would get up at 4:30 am to milk. Saw alot of beautiful sunrises. In the city you just don't get to see them like you do in the country. We moved to the country about 8 years before my hubby retired. And I enjoy everything I see out here. I have several puzzles of the break of dawn and sunrises. Just in case you might want to look at them just go thru the puzzles. Hugs to you too
Ank you see quite a few in your homeland too. Hugs
Katie you are welcome, in the city you don't get to see them. Hugs.


Gorgeous morning! Thanks for sharing these - I can't see the horizon outside my door.


Spectacular. This one is very beautiful. Thanks and hugs.
Dondi what a pity.


Beautiful. When I worked at my grandparents farm as a child, I had to fetch the cows for milking, which meant getting up at 5:30 AM and heading up the side hill to find them. I hated getting up at that hour, but it did let me watch the sun rise over the far hill. I've lived in the city the last 40 years, and haven't seen sunrises. This reminds me of what I've been missing. Thanks for the picture!


Wow!! great picture!!


Sunrise is so pretty, thanks.


This is a real beauty! Thanks, Pat. And I LOVE your panoramas, too!


A little not much. I am waiting to see just what is all on the new on I bought for the hubby for christmas.


Nice one, Pat! I love how you can take panorama shots!
Looks like you have a little snow left on the ground.