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Lake Camecuaro, Mexico

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Cam├ęcuaro Lake is supplied with a series of natural springs. The lake is popular due to crystal clear water and the beautiful vegetation that surrounds the lake. Even though the lake is relatively small, many photographers from all over Mexico come to take professional photographs that capture the parks picturesque views.


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Yes monica. It must be so peaceful there. Can you imagine just listening to the quiet flow of the waters and the frogs croaking....heaven....


Wow, it looks sooooo very peaceful, I love it!


Oh sorry Robryn..had'nt seen your comment...thanks


Hey chookies.. JUST seen your comment. Yes, many roads in the old town are very narrow and all up hill. But since the 1970's we have reclaimed quite a lot of the sea around the Rock so its easier to move arround. No doubt it has changed since th 60's ! I live in the south district of Gibraltar.. A little bit more spacious than the town area.. but still find it hard to find a parking!


Just beautiful Patricia - it looks hot, humid & very still.


Patricia, I have just remembered that back in the middle '60's my ship, enroute to America, stopped off at Gibraltar and we were able to disembark to stretch our legs and do a wee bit of shopping. The only thing I remember of your town/city was that the roads, although narrow, were quite steep. Am I correct in saying this because, afterall, it was a few years ago?


Thank you Sirenita..We are lucky now! But Spain once closed there frontier from 1969 to 1980. So we spent a good part our youth locked up (so to speak) here in Gibraltar. Unless one had the means to travel by plane or boat.. Thank God, it opened again. For then we had the chance to see the open spaces...


So beautiful Patricia! You are so lucky to be able to just cross the border and go to Spain!


Hi chookies . I guess you must have noticed that I love nature on the whole and any picture that catches my eye, is turned into a puzzle. I love to see lakes, mountains, coasts, waterfalls, fields etc. Its just that I live in a very small place called Gibraltar (which is only about 3 miles long!) and we do not have the chance to see such sceneries on a day to day basis. Only concrete and cars :( So when we need to go out, we cross over the border to Spain where we can get away now and again. Thanks for coming by...Talk later :)


What a beautiful serene lake and wonderful reflections of the trees - thanks Patricia:)