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Old Barn

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Fine building!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thank you Suzy and shirley.


I believe this one is in use, the owner has replaced the roof, nice and shiny, Thanks for the post chickiemama.


Tis in very good shape, chickie!


Thank you roseheather, A3ana, gnt, warbler, lyndee and tex.

warbler, there are plenty of nice kept up barns in northern Illinois. There are no termites up there and it is a big problem here.

Hope you do get out and find some lyndee.


No, Lyndee! Then I'd have two of you to worry about, clambering around in all those dangerous deserted places! Actually three, there's also Laurajane! Thanks, Chickie, nice jig.


Lots of old barns up here too Chickie. I just don't get out like you do to take pictures of them. Maybe this summer I'll do that.


Since I've been following you around, I didn't realize there were any barns this nice in Ill. Nice photo, Chickie


Now this old barn looks like it is in good shape.....good pic chickie


Me to Rose


Lovely. I've always liked this style of outbuilding. Thanks.


jimvold, you can just turn off onto any road here in Southern Illinois and you would see an old barn within 5 minutes. Ninety percent of them are in bad shape and won't last many more years. I don't know if people can't afford to take care of them or just don't care. I would love to see some of your daughter's artwork on a puzzle.

Yes it is morris!


It's not funny!


Nice set. My daughter is an artist and one of her favorite things to paint is old barns. She'd go nuts if she could visit all of the barns you have posted. Thanks


One of the few in fairly good shape young man and morris.

LOL morris. That happens on this website for some reason. There is a lot of singing going on here.


That one is in good shape! Just needs some paint, run a base board along the bottom and she is good tu go.
And thanks, you put the song "fly me tu the moon" in my head the other day, and I can not make it go away.


This one looks like they are still using it young lady.