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Tigress Barb Rest In Peace

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Several years ago Barb and I exchanged passwords which allowed me to post this here.

I had to wait for permission from the family which I didn't get until after my posting spots today were used.

Information from Su: Thanks.
The funeral home has a page where you can leave messages which I asume will be passed on to the relatives . . .
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Prayers for your peaceful rest, Barb, and your family and friends.


I am so sorry to hear this. It is always sad when one of us leaves. My heartfelt condolences to the family............Wendy

Thank you for sharing such sad news. She brought so much joy with her fun puzzles. Rest In Peace.


My thoughts are with you Barb, you are missed by many and remembered for all your enjoyable puzzles.


Oh, what sad news! Barb was a lovely person. Such a loss for all of us.

Just heard of Barb's passing. So sorry. She will be missed. Loved her puzzles and sweet words. Condolences to family and friends.


I'm so sorry to hear of this loss. My sympathy is sent to family and friends.

Sympathy to family and friends. She will be missed.


Rest In Peace, Barb. You will be sadly missed. ♥♥♥


I've only just read the sad news of the passing of our Jigidi friend Barb, I only knew her for a short time as we solved each others puzzles, she will be sadly missed, Rest- In- Peace, dear Barb.


I am so sorry. Thank you Barb for all of the joy that you gave to me and many others. Rest is Peace. John


Rest In Peace Barb. You will be missed.


I'm so sorry to hear that Barb has passed away.. She was such a kind person. My thoughts are with her family and friends.


I have just visited the memorial page for Barb at the funeral directors (see details above) and it was so nice to see so many of you have left messages for the family.


Very sorry to hear of Barb's passing. Condolences to family and friends.


I am so sorry to hear of Barb's passing. My condolences to her friends and family.


I commented on the link as well, Ardy.


Thanks everyone for your comments. The family has access to the link to this puzzle so can view your messages. The service is starting as L write this. If we were having normal winter weather I would be there. I'm thankful that her oldest niece, Trudy, signed on to Jigidi yesterday and has been to all the puzzles for Barb. If one has been missed please let me know. I'll see the family knows. They can see how much Barb was loved and how far reaching her contacts and friendships were.


So very sorry to hear of Barb's passing. Condolences to family and friends.


Oh dear, Ardy, I am so very sorry! I have been thinking a lot about her this last two weeks and wondering how she was doing. What a sad, sad thing. She was always such a cheerful and kind person and we will all miss her so much. What a loss! Virtual hugs to all who knew her.....Jan


Sad sad news that my first Jigidi friend Tigress as passed over i will miss her and our chats badly i will pray for her and her family

I'm sitting here in disbelief, as I'm sure all of us are. We all hoped, prayed, thought our Tigress would, of course, return and provide us, once again, with her brilliant puzzles and her kind responses. Barb has been and will be missed without a doubt. I send blessings to her friends and family. Hold each other and Barb in your hearts, and she will be there with you. -- Annie


I was greatly saddened to learn a few minutes ago of Barb's passing. I considered her a good friend here on Jigidi. She was a special person. Prayers for the family.


Rest in peace Tigress. Condolences to her family and friends.


Thank you, Trudy, for taking the time to respond. To you and the rest of the family, I offer my condolences. Through her comments, many of us got to know Barb well enough to love her and will greatly miss her. She was a comforter, a sympathizer, and a listening ear. It was evident that she loved people. I’m so glad she chose to spend part of her life with us. I will really miss her.


Wishing you comfort and peace tomorrow, Trudy. ❤️ Faye


Thank you Trudy for taking the time to write a kind comment.

I will pray that the Lord will give you and and all of Barb's family and loved ones peace and comfort during this period of sorrow.

Warm regards, Jason.


I didn't know Barb well, but she was always sweet and kind with her comments and she will be greatly missed. Keeping her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers....


Such sad news. My condolences to her family and friends, and you Ardy. I know you were very close, and that you will miss her very much - as will many others on Jigidi. ❤


Thank you, Trudy, for taking time in the midst of your sorrow to do this. Praying for peace and comfort for you all. Love and hugs from Ardy who loved Barb very much.

Thank you so very much for your lovely comments. We greatly appreciate it, and I've given the rest of the family the link to this page.

Trudy (Barb's oldest niece)


So sorry to hear this. She will be missed by all.




Thank you Ardy for the update on Barb.

It is very sad news.

May you rest in peace, Barb. You will be missed by all your friends.

My condolences to Barb's family.


Thank you Ardy, I too will miss Barb :-(


May she rest in peace. Her presence will be missed in Jigidi. Thank you for letting us know.


My condolences. She was a gifted artist.


Such sad news. My thoughts and condolences to Barb's family and to you Ardy too. Thanks for letting us know.


Barbs puzzles were always so bright and cheerful. This is such sad news. Thanks for letting us know Ardy. My thoughts are with her family.


So sorry to hear this Ardy. we join Jigidi land and her family, at this time of mourning. Please extend our condolences to the family Ardy. Thank you for what you are doing to keep us all informed.


Although deeply saddened by the news of Barb's passing I have looked for the positive and take comfort in the knowledge that she is no longer suffering or in pain. I shall miss Barb very much and I know I am not alone in this judging by the tributes written here. A light may have gone out in our lives but I am sure it shining brightly elsewhere.

My thoughts go out to her family and loved ones at this time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ardy for keeping us informed about Barb's condition and for having to pass on this very sad news. I appreciate that with your closeness to Barb and her family that this has been a difficult time for you too. Look after yourself my friend.


Rest in peace, dear Barb.


I am saddened about this news Ardy.....she will be missed so sorry...prayers for her family and friends...big hugs to you Ardy and thank you for posting the information...kathleen


Oh Ardy ~ I have just now seen this and am really saddened to hear this news. She and I have solved each other's puzzles for years. I truly believed that once she had some time to recuperate, that she would be back with us here. I'm still having a hard time with Hester's passing and now dear and gentle Barb.... very sad....


Thank you for letting us know this sad news, Ardy. Barb had been with Jigidi for a long time and she will be missed very much by all of us who knew her. My condolences to her friends and family from myself and the Jigidi Forum group as well.


Oh, such sad news. I only knew Barb from our solving each other's puzzles (and hers were delightful), and commenting, but she has been and will be sorely missed. Deep condolences to her family and friends, she was a delight.


I am so sorry to hear this. She was always really sweet and friendly and will be missed.


Oh My!! I can't believe it!
Such sorrowful news! I had such hopes for her return to jigidi.
Prayers do work, but God seems to have needed her presence, more than us.
Be at peace, "Tigress" Barb, You will be remembered. Love, MM


Rest in peace, dear Barb.... You will be sorely missed.... Condolences and prayers to family and friends...


Thank you Ardy. Such sad news, she will be missed.....


I'm so sorry to hear this terrible news, Ardy. She was such a sweet, gentle person. I always waited for her special Monday and Friday puzzles...I miss her already knowing that she will never post her special puzzles ever again. Condolences to her family and friends.


Thank you Ardy. I am so sorry to hear the news. Barb was such a dear. I admired her for her dedication with her lovely puzzles, but I particularly appreciated her for answering each comment in record time. She cared very much about her followers and always asked about people who were absent for a time. She will be deeply missed, and I send my condolences to her family and friends. I hope these comments uplift them a bit, knowing how much we cared about her. Is it possible to post a picture of her? I would love to connect a face to the lovely person I knew. My prayers for those who mourn her passing.


I am so saddened to hear about this. Loved her puzzles and sending my love to her family and loved ones.


Barb is in a much better place where there is no more pain or discomfort. She has been missed since September and prayers have been said, but God had different plans for her. Her creation was the first puzzle I solved on jigidi and because of her kindness we became friends long distance. My Condolences to her family!


Rest in Peace, Lovely Lady.

You are in no pain or discomfort now.


Very sad. She obviously was a talented and creative person. Rest in peace.


Such sad news. My deepest sympathies to Barb's family and friends. Rest in peace my friend. I miss you.

So sorry to hear of her passing. We thank her for her puzzles and hope she will find good one where she is.


Rest in peace, dear friend.
Condolences from me and Monique


I am very sorry to read this sad news you will be missed I loved your puzzles barb RIP sleep with the angels . my thoughts are with your family




No more struggles for you, Barb. Rest in Peace, my friend. I surely will miss you. Condolences to the family.


RIP Barb!
it is so sad to hear of this. my condolences to her friends and family.


I am so sorry to hear this. Sad. My condolences to Barb's family and friends.
~I remember the photo of Barb that Faye is referring to.


My condolences to the family. I knew she was sick, but was still shocked to see this puzzle.
Very sad.
Thank you Ardy for letting us know.


RIP Tigress and my heartfelt condolences to the family...........Wendy


Thank you Ardy, I will miss her so much.


My heart is broken at this news. I am so sorry. She will be greatly missed. Thank you, Ardy, for letting us know.


So sorry!

My deepest condolences, Ardy. I'm relatively new and didn't know Barb well, but her style was lovely, and it was always a pleasure to work on her puzzles. Take care, Sherry

Thank you, Ardy. Tigress has been one of my special favorites for as long as I've been on jigidi. There was something unique about her puzzles and her personality was wonderful too. I do hope that she was aware how much she was appreciated and how much she will be missed.

There are so many of us unknowns out here that have thoroughly enjoyed her puzzles for years but neglected to thank or acknowledge that fact. That doesn't mean we didn't admire her work or greatly appreciate it. It is indeed sad news for us all.


I'm sorry...for her family and friends...and thank you for loving and caring for her. Barb's body must have taken a thrashing over all these past months and finally, just no longer had the strength... It is good that she is at peace and no longer struggling but she has been and will be missed. I remember calling her "Legs" way back when...Good-Bye, Legs. ❤️


Yes, sad news indeed. Thanks, Ardy.


This is such sad news...but thank you for letting us know Ardy.


So, so sorry to hear this! I will really miss Barb! Thanks, Ardy for keeping us informed


This is very sad news. Thank you for letting us know, Ardy.


So sorry to hear of Barb's passing. Barb you will be missed. Deb


Thanks Ardy. This is sad news. I hope Barb will Rest in Peace. I wish you, and Barb's family, much strength. You was a good friend for her. ♥


So sorry to hear of Barb's passing Ardy, thanks for letting us know! ♥


Sad, to hear that. My thoughts and prays. ;-(

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