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A reminder of the past.

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Christmas night I noticed the white one on my boys' tree was bubbling away.


Thank you mimi.


I think they were fun to have. Don't know where our old ones ended up. Thanks for the fun memories!


It really doesn't show the bubbles going up in this photo Hanne. It was fun for the kids.


I don't remember having seen them either, perhaps my parents were too oldfashioned and didn't want that "new stuff"!! Might as well have been so!! Thanks so very much Sandy, it's interesting, I really don't know if I like it, but I would like to SEE it in reality!!


Next thing you'll tell us is that you participated in the cherry tree incident young man. LOL

Hi Ank. In the 50's, there were strings of lights like this for the Christmas tree that produced bubbles inside the tube you see here. It didn't happen until the light actually got warm. They were pretty and fun for the kids to watch. This is a replica made to plug into a socket.


It's lovely, but I don't know it.


We had no electric in those days. We had to walk up hill both ways in the snow to go to school. Me and Abe read using candles and only stubs at that. He started shaving at a young age too. Never did like his hat.


My dad said a lot of houses burned down in those days when they put candles on the trees.


Yes, chickster we had more junk on the tree then you could imagine. We would get a tree at least nine to ten feet tall and when it was completed it was hard to find the tree. We had popcorn strung all around and paper rings of red and green all around along with a skillion ornaments and lets not forget the silver tinsel. You needed a cannon to shoot anything else onto that tree. I forgot about the spun glass one cannot forget the spun glass can one?


It could be a good thing morris, but the news is still saying up to 10".


No, photogent, I do not have them. To be perfectly truthful, I personally didn't like them, so I gave them to his sister. Received a letter from her over the holidays that she put them up this year.


You can get strings of them? Like old ones on ebay, or do they make replicas now? I'm wondering if you had candles on your trees young man?


Do you still have them doglovertoo?


My late husband loved these lights and would put them on our tree.


David said you can still get these lights on line but at a very steep price. They were fun to watch when we were kids. I can't remember did we have electric at that time????


That could be a good thing, chickie!


Thank you for your comments. It is showing on radar that we are getting it, but not a flake in the sky morris.


Just checked the radar, it looks like yu are getting your snow!!!!!
Nice photo, those are really fun!


I remember these from way back!


Great one! I love it.


We used ours at the tree stand, it had special holes to hold them .... i just loved those lights.
yes they bubbled.


That looks like an old bubble light which we used to string on the Christmas tree.