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Sunday Flowers

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Oh, Pat.....I LOVE your comment. Thank you. :-)


Well, I would love to plant these seeds in my garden--just the way I loved the colors in the other one, too! I like this better than pastels, and I don't think these look like faded blooms as much as elegant, autumnal ones that speak of the changing seasons and the harvest of sunflower seeds and wheat and the last of the butter-n-sugar corn to come...


Oh geeeeeeez, and I, who don't like faded colors all that much, LOVE this one. whatnauts, at least you think these are nice...if nothing else.

Ardy and Jan, I don't know what to say or do. I guess I won't plant any more of these seeds...but you know me, I rarely keep my promises...or at least rarely keep puzzle 'promises.' LOL


Wendy, I certainly wouldn't pant after any of these seeds and I wouldn't PLANT any more either. LOL AT least not without adding some color pellets to the soil.


Well it is fall after all (at least north of the equator).

These look like they are made from wood. I like the brightly coloured flowers, but these are nice as well.


I agree with Ringleader's comment.
The design is fine in both puzzles, I think other colors would enhance them.


Wendy, these flowers look like they bloomed long ago and are now fading and starting to droop. Poor things. I wouldn't pant any more of these seeds.


Jan, I get the feeling that you're not that thrilled with this. I made two other versions of this one....this being one of them-

I noticed that you didn't solve it, or the other one that's along the same lines. I suppose I should go back to the drawing board. ;-)


Interesting design