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OK Flowers for Wednesday

80 pieces
222 solves
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Ann, I'm wheelie glad that you enjoyed this puzzle. :-)


Wheelie fun, thanks Wendy.


whatnauts, I think you're that's what I'll do in the future. :-)


Wendy, this one received over 200 solves!! Perhaps the trick is to post them every once in a while. If you can manage to post one every now and then, I'd be most appreciative :)))))))


Whoa, Kathy! You received a lot more solves since I first saw your puzzle! When more people know that you exist, you'll get even more. Also, I don't know how you can possibly do this, but you've made a bunch of those that are almost as beautiful...but I suppose there's no way to 'advertise' them. I know that when I used to solve puzzles, if I had seen something like yours, I'd go back and see if there were more. ;-)


Wendy, I owe you my dear!!!! Thank you so ever much!!!!


mariasha, I know you do! ;-)

Ardy, you think I didn't know which one your favorite would be? Of course it's the blue one!

Thank you, Mandy. I was going to try out other backgrounds but I'm way behind...and still am.

Kathy- I just clicked on your name....and saw that you may have posted the most beautiful puzzle I've ever seen on Jigidi...

whatnauts, I guess I should get back into creating these then. I noticed that they don't get nearly as many solves as the 'easy-to-create' ones do, so I was doing a lot more of them. But I do miss creating these. Thank you for letting me know.


I love these collages - thanks very much.


Fun, fun fun :-) Thank you Wendy!


These look more than OK, specially arranged against that multi coloured background, thanks Wendy.


A delightful bouquet. I especially like the one in the lower left. Thanks, Wendy.

Thanks for the fun...I love getting flowers in the morning!