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Lily Light...

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Water lily leaves in a tiny pond.


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Your right Cathy! No dishwasher, manual or electric, necessary! Good one.


Very nice picture!! You can see why some people in tropical villages use large leaves as plates. Thank you Dave.


It was really contained and pushing itself up, Plum. I'll try to go by and get a photo of a flower.

I thought of doing that, Robyn Now I don't. Thanks!!


That's really nice Dave!! I searched for a frog or bug....not a one!!


Are you sure these aren't lotus leaves? They usually stand up above the water, while water lily leaves lie flat on the water surface.

Nice pic!


Thanks Suzy for you catchy words that are fun!

Thank you Joanne. I thought the light was pretty nice, too.


Nice shot, Dave. I like that glowing sunlight on the back of the lily pad.


deLIGHTful!! Looking forward to more pond pictures!


Yep, an 8 acre one in front of my house. This one is in a large yard in Warrenton where I visit on occasion, and is a lilly pond gone wild, slightly. We have a big patch of white water lilies on our pond and there were probably 25 flowers on it this morning. But it has small flat leaves.


Didn't you say you have a 7 acre pond?


I took several photos around this small (100ft. diameter) garden pond. There were some neat cat tails on the far side and I got one photo I really like but it has a light glare in one corner. I may put on one more of cat tail heads. Thanks Sandy!


Nice shot Dave! Do you have a pic of the full view of your lake/pond?