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For Barb and the BFC

36 pieces
141 solves
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Then you are a true member of the BFC! I do have a lot of different blues, but a few years ago I made an effort to branch out into other colors, too.

If I'm not wearing blue, I wear turquoise....I love them both


Thank you, Jan. I'm wearing a turquoise sweater right now:) I'm glad you enjoyed this.


Gail, this is such a beauty. It just pops off the screen at you! I adore the colors and am definitely a member of the BFC! I also happen to think that turquoise is a color that looks good on everyone and more people should adorn themselves with blues and turquoises! :D


I'm so glad you like it, Barb. This is one of my favorite blues, too, but I also like turquoise.


Wow! Just got back from shopping and look what I found! This is so beautiful, Gail. Looks like blue crystal and this is the blue I really like. As a member of the BFC I want to thank you for this delightful and gorgeous puzzle!!! :-)