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Rose & Lily sacked out - my favorite pic I ever took

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Please don't copy or share this photo, but I just had to!


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Carol, this is an incredible tear-inducing photo. I could see how you'd risk your privileges to snap it. Were you worried about webcams in there? I doubt if Rose or Lily will tell on you. I love how Lily is spooning the bar pole.

I saw a segment this month on the news about elephant herds in Africa, and how they've been drastically diminished due to poaching. They filmed one bull elephant getting his tusks cut down almost to the base. Was it from poachers? No, it was from wildlife biologists who tranquilized him and cut them so that he could live free of poachers, who might otherwise kill him. What a travesty to have to do that to an elephant. It's so unfortunate that biologists have to maim animals in order to save them, it just breaks my heart. But it's good they have the tools available. Too bad they can't do that with all elephants in order to save them.


Sorry beatlecarol! Thanks for the explanation. I guess I meant that I wish it was a perfect world where all creatures could be loved, respected, and free!


No it wouldn't. They were born in captivity and could not survive if turned loose somewhere. They have the protection and good diets they would struggle to find in the wild. Today's zoos are dedicated to preserving species' that are endangered. Any animal you see in a zoo anywhere was either born in captivity or rescued from a bad situation. These are the lucky ones. They are free from worry and have very happy, enriching lives, as they teach humans about conservation and understanding the needs of animals everywhere.
This photo shows them in their sleeping nest. During the day they are reunited with the herd, including big brother, in a huge yard.


This is a beautiful picture! It would be even better if they were sleeping in freedom!


Thanks Kat. I tear up every time I see this photo and its my desktop background! A week before the baby was born, I had a night shift watching for signs of delivery and Rose was still spooning with her 4-1/2 yr old, although with her middle, not her neck! I'm not supposed to take pix on duty and could risk losing my privileges but this picture was worth more to me. From now on you will only see daytime pix and not many since they dont come out well enough to make a good puzzle. If they had been in any other part of the room this pic wouldn't not have been good at all!


I agree with you and Jan others - this is a remarkable, wonderful, unforgettable photo! Thanks so much for sharing with us; I check your profile for new photos every day!


I wish! I only get to handle education/domestic animals, including snakes. Even the volunteers who shovel out the barns aren't allowed to touch. I got to feed Chendra an apple several years ago and I got to give cups of juice to 3 orangutans back in the 90s as a reward for shoveling out the apes, but they don't let any volunteers do those things now. I will post a photo with Kutai on that special day.


Carol - this is the most wonderful animal photo ever. These lovely elephants are such intelligent creatures. And this photo is perfect! Thanks!


Good! :D Thank you...have been following your comments on Lily.

A long ago family friend has a daughter that genetically tracked all the breeding at a Florida she got to handle all the baby animals...lucky lady (except for the snakes!) :)


Lily will live at the Oregon Zoo her entire life. That was the intention when the father was sent to us on permanent loan. Elephants thrive in a herd and they will continue to build this herd for generations. The zoo is expanding their habitat and building an offsite facility as well so that it will be able to keep all the males too. Many animals are owned by different zoos as a protection for the animals so that one entity can't just go around trading and selling. The Oregon Zoo is the leader in the US in breeding elephants and holds the book on elephant reproduction. It has a say in deciding who breeds where in the US. See my other puzzles for discussions.

It proves a mother's love....whether human or beast. I've always heard about how devout an elephant's is. Need we have further proof of it? I think not. You've captured it perfectly. Thank you so much.


Beautiful...wonderful...such love! :DDD

I read a comment on another puzzle about possible separation...what's the truth behind the rumour? Faye