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Modern Art Large

256 pieces
167 solves
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Before I forget, good luck with your surgery. Take the time to heal properly - you can create puzzles afterwards!

I'm logical with most things, I suppose, but it doesn't stop me from doing some stupid things. Don't worry about making the board, the enjoyment is in the solving and the friendships. I probably make the board about 50 percent of the time. And now that you've brought it up, you must tell me about your day yesterday :)))

PS I like your xmas avatar.


I worked my first large one yesterday, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did start zooming in some, but I do that on every website. My vision is poor, but my 2nd cataract surgery on Thurs. should help a lot after it heals. I hope to still solve some puzzles while recupperating, but don't know about creating. We'll see. ha ha.

It seems like you have a logical, well thought-out plan for solving puzzles. Are you like that in most areas of your life? I try to be but can't seem to stop doing the dumbest things. If you want a good laugh, just ask me what I did today. There will always be something in a 24 hour period. I think my local friends like me, because I unintentionally do something ridiculous to make them laugh. I no longer take myself too seriously, but I do lose confidence sometimes. Those are the bad days. Otherwise, I enjoy life as best I can. I'm enjoying chatting with you, although I risk scaring you away with all my weirdness.

Take care, my friend. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for sharing your strategy. I need to tackle another biggy so I can try it from start to finish. I'll never make the board though. I leave that up to you. Have a great evening,


I work on a laptop as well. With this puzzle I will probably sort out as many of the yellow and lime green pieces that are showing and put them together off to the side. I will do some zooming in and out as I work and also a lot of moving the board about as I put the pieces together. Working in sections seems to work fairly well for me and eventually the puzzle all comes together. I don't need to see all the pieces at once, so it allows me to work large puzzles.


I don't know how people do large puzzles. Do you shrink the pieces so you can see them all at once, because my screen on my laptop would mean they'd be too small to differentiate? That's why I enjoy puzzles no larger than 120 pieces. I used to do 1000+ as a young person, but I used an entire dining room table. They took days to solve, if not longer. How do you do it?


Well I wouldn't have commented in the manner I did if you hadn't mentioned the poor solves. It is only my opinion though. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be much reason why a puzzle does poorly - it just happens. You should just keep posting what you create and see how they do. You'll likely get a better feel for how a puzzle is received. But if you do make something you don't think will do well, you could try posting it in a small size and see what happens.

There are a few people here who enjoy solving a puzzle with only a single colour hue, but that doesn't interest me. Then there are people like tugman22 who post a lot of what we all monster puzzles because they are so difficult. I rarely do those because there are so many other puzzles I'd like to solve. My maximum limit is a puzzle which will take about 1.5 hours, although that sometimes turns into 2 hours!!! Generally I prefer puzzles which take a maximum of an hour.

I used to solve only large puzzles, but found that including some in small and medium allowed me to solve more of the terrific puzzles here in Jigidi-land. It's nice to have an assortment in my bookmarks - then I can pick and choose depending on the time available.



Oh,Whatnauts, I appreciate your explanation regarding my Christmas tree. I'm glad you liked the background and can understand the lack of solves. The puzzles with more intuitive patterns or structure to guide the solver (less empty space?) are more enjoyable, and I'll keep that in mind. Can you even imagine solving puzzles that are all one color? I wonder how many people do that. They sure like a challenge. I solve those puzzles that have good contrast and fill up most of the space with design, but I thought I'd try something totallly different with the tree. I need to do that from time to time. It just feels good. Numbers shouldn't discourage, but somehow I let them, even though I enjoyed creating the puzzle. I need to stop that, because it robs one of the fun in life. Sorry, I even said anything, but thanks for being there to set me straight.


No need to apologize for not replying for a day or two. Stuff happens. If ever I write something which I think is important and that you may have missed, I will point you to it after a few days of non-reply!!! Have yourself a fun weekend as well.


I quite like the Christmas tree puzzle. Personally, I love the slate grey background with the little yellow stars, but most people seem to prefer the bright colours (which I also like). One reason the puzzle didn't get a lot of solves is there is a lot of background and it would have been difficult to solve in the larger sizes. At least that's the reason I wouldn't solve a larger version. I hope you don't mind me saying this.


No problem, Whatnauts! I just appreciate hearing from you. I'm so glad you liked this one. I have a new one you might like. I just posted it. My Christmas tree puzzle was good in theory, but lacked a proper presentation. No worries. I'm just glad to be here enjoying good company. Have fun this weekend. Sorry my comment is delayed; I had lots of other stuff to do.


This is lovely. I'm happy to see you are posting some puzzles in larger sizes. I will definitely solve some of them. I usually solve the larger puzzles on the weekends, so I will bookmark this one.

I saw your comment on the other puzzle and I will answer it either tomorrow or Saturday. I'm getting a late start this evening and I want to solve a few puzzles.