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Golden Lion Tamarin

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At the Bermuda Aquarium, these monkeys are under threat of extinction and our Aquarium is involved in a concerted effort to help them. 90% of their Brazilian coastal forest habitat has been destroyed by humans. A shame to see them in captivity, but what is the alternative? They are also poached to sell as pets.


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They need to do something, but with so many people clambering for more planting land etc., it is an up-hill battle. Thanks Heidi.

Hi Nova, as stated below they are around in other places, quite unique for us and nice that we are helping, thanks.


Very unusual but not in Bermuda; glad your Aquarium is doing something about saving these golden guys & gals. Thanks Robbie.


I wish Brazil would do what Costa Rica did. .. 25% of the country is protected as National Parks. Brazil needs to protect it's rare and unique plants and animals.


Good to hear Mimi, thanks.


Beautiful animal and a great picture. We have several of these at our Zoo in new Orleans. I too hate to see them in captivity, but I am so glad zoos are making good habitats now.


Unfortunately you are right Jana, thanks.

She says thanks snooker, glad you liked them.

Well Monica the saying "different strokes.....................?! Thanks, I agree.


Why on earth would anybody want one of these critters as a pet? Their beautiful yes, but they smell something awful and have been known to spit at people and throw their poop at people too! Yuck, not me, no way!

Good set, Robbie. Thank the resident photographer for us.


People do not appreciate anything, unfortunately, that's the reality. What WE DO WITH THIS ?
Thank you very much Robbie, have a nice time with Jenny and all yours dear :-)))


They do Rob, not sure of any details though, thanks.

You just never know oddio, thanks mate.

Yes his face is familiar OM, I probably saw him in the UK years ago on TV. He sure did a lot wild life, thanks. Yes "Ears B" would do very well in the pond! Thanks.

Cute but probably saucy if picked on PK, thanks.

So right Hanne, thanks.


Better this than not at all!! Thanks so very much Robbie!! Besides - they are awfully sweet and funny!!


AHHHH cute little one thanks Robbie


I should think lela would float very well with those ears ... just sayin' ...


Have you ever heard of Gerald Durrell, Robbie? He was a prolific author, and one of his books was made into a famous TV show ~ The Amateur Naturalist. He wrote more than 30 books, all of which I have. He started one of the, if not THE, first captive breeding program decades ago in Jersey in the Channel Islands. He was truly a man ahead of his time, and his zoo and training facility are still in operation there. Thanks for this photo. It's a shame that people can't just live and let live.


I wonder if the water in his aquarium is treated with something to give him that golden coat.


I hope they have a breeding programme going Robbie - might be the only place we can see them. Great photo - thanks Jenny & Robbie.


You look quite haggard from all the ganging up Lela!! (Can't you go swimming in the North Sea?)

Yes mate, a good diver!! Thanks.

Thanks gnt, sure is gorgeous.


great pic of a great gorgeus animal good job


Robbie how did you ever get a photo of the very rare Diving Golden Tamarin? I know Jenny got the shot sorry i should have known. Nice try mate.


Well!.........All this ganging up on me just because you were too lazy to type "and Zoo"!........(I've still never seen one of these underwater.........not that I've ever been underwater........)


It is Tex and sadly, for many others also, thanks.

Well mate, dondi has the perfect answer for you!!! Actually the correct heading is Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo..........Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my life typing it!!!!

There you go Lela, another answer for you!!! Thanks Mac.

Yes it is PLG, thanks, glad you like them.

Yes it sure is lyndee, thanks.

Hi dondi, right on mate, you're on the ball tonight!!......(Lela and I pretend we are friends!).......Thanks.


"Doesn't look very aquatic to me......just sayin'........" Yah, so poachers never think to look there!


Such beautiful color.


What a beautiful creature. Thanks, Robbie. Great set!


I have seen them in an Aquarium. Theyy live in big glass boxes .


Doesn't look very aquatic to me......just sayin'........


So sad for the pretty little monkey! Thanks, Robbie, nice jig.