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Goddess of Love - our nearest neighbour, the Planet Venus

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Venus is a rocky planet, like ours, and Mercury, and Mars.

It's much closer to the sun, so it has a carbon dioxide atmosphere we could not live in, and, because it is too hot, there would not be enough oxygen for us to breathe, and no water.

The idea of global warming is frighting because it is a situation where our planet could get more like Venus, and we could not live here, just because we changed our atmosphere to be more like Venus. So, the planet doesn't get closer, but the atmosphere - the air we breathe - it gets a tiny bit more like Venus, and a lot warmer... So, crops won't grow, and fish will die, and rivers and wells will dry up... it doesn't take much of atmospheric change to make everything change.

What? what's the problem? A very, very, very small increase in a change of our atmosphere will kill all of us (maybe not cockroaches).

We need to clean our nest so to speak. We need to clean up our living space.

Google pictures of how deep is the earth's atmosphere.

We really don't have a lot of wiggle room before we have a lot of space


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LOL - well, sometimes I have moments where I don't want to put up with me - but soldier on I must, and do...


Can't quite agree with that last statement, young lady!


Aw, I'm touched to hear that my Fergus sense is spot (chin spot) on.

ALSORAN! hugs back. The poetic madness never leaves me - I just like to give people a rest from it once in a while... I'm the only one who can handle that awesomeness 365/24/7...

(I say that because I am still here. No one else would still be here if they had to put up with it 365/24/7)


Hey Mazy! I've missed your smilin' face! Glad you're back, incuding your poetic madness! You always put a smile on my face . . .


Mazy, Welcome back! You were missed, but when rest is needed, it's best to listen. I know just what you mean about Venus on a cold winter dawn. I will go out tomorrow and look for her.
It's as though you've always known Fergus - he is exactly you describe.


Hey guys! I took off for a month there because I have only got human vitality, not troll vitality.

Though last I heard, they were misshapen and lived in caves or under bridges, waiting for well-meaning travellers to go on by...

Thanks, you guys - belated. VERY!

and, true felt hugs back.

Venus looks like a goldish pearl with naked eye (atmosphere we can see) but the stony parts of the planet, as seen by infrared and so on... look like this.

I posted this because Venus was making such a show in the morning.

If you have a low horizon to the East, you can see Jupe, Venus, fairly easily - they are the brightest thing in the sky around 5 am. Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, and Sol, natch, all of them are tight right now.

Uranus, Neptune, and Mars are post-sunset now.

You can find Uranus with a telescope (no words).

Think about this - all our planets, our moon, our sun, us - all of us are tiny SO tiny bits in the great wide open. Do a little googling about how the ratios work - the pictures of our solar system are to teach children.

Ask me about the night I had a delicious Greek meal while going light speed from Sol's surface to somewhere past Jupiter, that's 45 minutes (Sun's light gets to us in 8 minutes), I mean I had to drive myself home,

Even when it is frosty, I like to go barefoot (briefly) in the orchard, under then sky stars and moon.

I'd love to escort my friends through my madness here.

We'll just have to live vicariously for each other.

You randos are the best randos, ever, and I love you.

Fergus isn't a random - he's too noble. just look at that chin and those eyes.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This is a bit depressing, but on a happier note, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year!! :)))


amen, Mazy!


So very true, radiojerry. If the Earth were the size of an apple, our atmosphere would be the size of the skin.

Edit: Yes, Venus is the hottest planet.


In planetary terms, our breathable atmosphere is just a tiny sliver of what makes up this planet. That makes it very vulnerable.


Look closely and you can see what happens with run-away global warming. Am I correct that Venus is the warmest planet, even though Mercury is closer to the sun? (Or am I enfeebled?)