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Festive Festival Flowers

72 pieces
259 solves
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Thank you, whatnauts. As per usual, I'm glad you're having fun. :-)


Fine festival fun.


HeyJudeNM, I just peeked at the puzzles you created and they're AWESOME! I'll visit in a little while but for now, I have to catch up on replying to comments. I was pretty much offline most of yesterday and all of today. Thank you so much for your very nice compliments.

mariasha- lately I've been thinking about your eyes and how I have to do something about them....again. ;-)

Pat, much better! Tidal wave, curly, and whirlpool are perfectly acceptable. ;-)

Mandy, you're stealing all the flowers in the puzzles! Bad Mandy!


Ahhh Festivals... so much fun - and these flowers certainly stand out from the crowd, thanks Wendy.


I love the tidal wave/curly/whirlpool (did I do okay this time?!) background! LOL! And, apparently, from the number of solves, I am not alone!!!

These are soooo eyes go all googly while doing them, but I can't help enjoy them anyway!


I love this puzzle; such a nice combo of colors. I'm a newbie at creating, but have been doing many of your creations because they make be happy. Thanks for the time you invest. You have quite a following.


I'm so glad you liked the colors, quilt65.....and thank you for letting me know. :-)

Robbie, laughing out loud. I love your perspective on your time. hehehe

Ardy, I really like those background circles too even though this time, I goofed a bit, but it doesn't really detract from the final image. Thank you. :-)


Beautiful Wendy. Enjoyed your background circles too. Really lovely. Thanks.


Not far behind beruska at 8.06 Wendy! I like the way you mixed them up, harder to solve but lots of fun. Very colourful, thanks.


Lovely colors. Great puzzle. Thanks for sharing.