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It's been a long time without gradients :)) I

25 pieces
140 solves
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Thanks PJ, I hadn't really forgotten you but as always very little time to check anybody out, so I hadn't seen your wonderful scenery, I had a post-it stuck to my computer telling me to watch out for the puzzle, but yesterday I wasn't home all day and today there was no time. :)) Thank you very much for bringing a bit of winter into my southern life. :))


Dagmar - how nice and enjoyable.
You asked me to post scenes from Norway - did you see


I'm sorry to tell you that you dropped off the board but after ten hours and 100 solves that doesn't seem very tragical. :)))
I also hope that this will be a better week, let's see what the days will bring. :))
Thanks for your visit and the opportunity to chat with you. Have a wonderful evening and an even better Tuesday. :))


Hi Kirsten, even I still have to learn something about gradients, but I don't think that this kind of gradient would suit your kaleidos very well, so there isn't much need for your to learn. :)) I loved your the new look of your kaleidos, the tiny trails looked cute, even though I'll have too bookmark them until I manage to find the time to do them. :))
I also hope that this week will a bit better, but it doesn't bode too well, but let's be optimistic, soon it will be Friday again. LOL
Thanks for finding the time to drop by and it is always nice to see you around here. :))


I thought I was incredibly slow on this one. At this point I'm on the board - next to the bottom. Thanks, Dagmar. A great puzzle. Hope this will be a better week especially if everyone is well again.


Oh, I have much to learn about gradients, from you Master!! These are beautiful Dagmar. Thanks so much. And I hope your Monday is shaping up to be a bit less hectic than last week. :)))


Thanks for dropping by, Leet. It's always nice to see you around. :))

Thanks for your interesting puzzle.