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Yesterday - Blow Hole at Depoe Bay, Oregon!

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Carol - I LOVE Oregon, too. We really do have the best of all worlds here. But, I must spend more time with your photos of your trip. Were you cruising? I ask because you went to so many places!!! I would love to hear about that, too. We are planning to cruise that area next fall. The last time I was in Europe was decades ago!!!!! Two weeks - you lucky gal!!


I was only gone two weeks but took 1,000 pix. Love Oregon coastal scenery the best, but have to admit the waters of the Adriatic and Mediterranean were incredibly beautiful shades of blue. Loved every second but love Oregon more.


Kate - I had to stop and Google Tintangel just to see. What wonderful crags and bluffs and cliffs. So very rugged and dramatic. Thanks for telling me about that area.

Of course, Big Sur is so spectacular! The whole drive through that area is wonderful! I can see we enjoy a similar vista!


Yes, Jan - I'm not a flat lander - I love the mountains and cliffs sharing the coastlines with the great oceans. Big Sur is spectacular too and one of my favorite places is the coast around Tintangel on the North Coast of Cornwall. Jigidi is such a great place to give us opportunities to see and share our world. Thanks again


You are so welcome, Kate - My husband took pictures at the same time and he got a very tall spout and the rainbow. But, he hasn't downloaded his shots, yet!
I love these coastlines - particularly north California and Oregon and parts of Washington - for the ruggedness. But, Kirsten's photos show that Australia has some of the same ruggedness and Maine does as well. We are all lucky! Nature has truly gone all out in her artistry!


Very strange Jan, I commented several hours ago but obviously forgot to hit 'Post comment' - duh. So now --- I'm so glad you got this rainbow and shared it with us. I think so much of the Pacific Coast all along the Americas is so amazing and beautiul but I'm grateful that you captured this view for us. Thanks, Kate


It's beautiful enough for ten. You know sometimes I like a puzzle that much that I solve it more times. Yes I know, I'm a bit crazy. But funny


Thanks, my friend, I'm glad you liked it! 2 puzzles, Ank! WOW!


Hi Jan, I already solved the big one, but I will do this too. Thanks friend.


Thank you so much, Pat!!


t's probably too late, but here is a 24 piece puzzle of this blow hole - for you, Ank!!
Sorry I didn't do it before!


Melime - I am so glad you lived near enough to experience it regularly. Can you believe this was in mid-November!!


Kirsten - it's a pity that we didn't plan to visit this scenery AT THE SAME PLACE! Poor planning on our parts!! LOL But, I am so glad you love rocky coastlines - that is Oregon for sure!


Beautiful thanks Jan


Oh, dear, then don't do it. I solve the big once. Love you.


I remember this very well. I can smell the salt air now . . . wish I was there!


A wonderful scenery and a perfect timing for the photography. :))

I hope you are having lots of fun. :))


I'm so sorry that I've been missing these shots of yours Jan. But I'm glad I've caught up now. I love a rocky coastline, and a blowhole is just a bonus! And how fantastic that you caught a rainbow!! This looks like a beautiful place, and quite similar to where I am staying. Another strange coincidence!! :)))


Thanks, Ardy - Getting wet isn't always part of the fun!!

Hanne - it really was the most extraordinary surprise! Thanks!!

Ank - Darn - I know better and I forgot! This stupid internet at the coast rental made it take more than 1/2 hour to upload today's puzzles! Ridiculous!!

Beatlecarol - I thought you were still cruising and having a great time from the looks of the puzzles you've been posting. I really would like to spend some time with those pictures of yours! This blow hole is at the north end of the promenade at Depoe Bay.

Zaweber - it IS beautiful and gives many places "a run for their money!" But, it can be very dismal in pouring down rain and grey skies. However, I love it. This sun in November is a big surprise! Thanks!

You know, I don't think I've ever seen a coast as beautiful as the Oregon coast. Of course I haven't seen all the coasts in the world but my money is on Oregon!


I've been there several times too and never saw a blow hole. Great shot!


Very beautiful Jan. I love it, but 8:41. If you place more of this beauties please put a small one inside. I love to solve them. Thanks.


It's so wonderful for you that you can go to the coast and experience what happens there. This is very, very spectacular, I would have waited for hours to see this happen too!! Thanks so very much for posting it, it's a wonderful place!!


Glad you chose the one with the rainbow, Jan. Blow holes are fun if you don't get too wet. I remember one kin Hawaii where the wind was blowing as well. I didn't get soaked but I did get damper than I wanted!! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, JC - we waited and waited for this one. But, the tallest "blow" didn't have the rainbow, so I posted this one. We had no idea there were blow holes in this particular spot. (And we've been by there dozens of times!!)
I'm glad you liked it.
It was a marvelous day at the coast!


That is so cool, Jan!