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From the top of Cheops pyramid 1

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Tourists from Russia disobeyed strict prohibition, climbed to the top and made ??photos
From the top of Cheops pyramid 2


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Thank you very much lelabugosi, I am right :-)))))))))))))


Great photo!.......(Glad you are now posting puzzles without the filter, and getting lots of solves!).......


Thank you Ank, very much , I know, I was not here :-)))))))))


Very beautiful Jana. The pyramids existed for thousands of years, the intention is they persist for an other thousands of years. If you let the tourists go on, then the pyramids no longer have a long life. I suppose that is the reason why it is prohibited.
But the foto is perfect. Thanks my dear. :-)))))))


Thanks for your interesting comments Monica and parsquuire. I found the pictures on the news of the Czech net, I do not know those people who'd done the pictures, but it's very nice :-))))


Back in the '70s an Art History teacher I knew climbed one, disrobed completely, sat down cross-legged and had his picture taken (at a modest angle, with a great view behind him) by a friend. It was a magnificent picture which he framed and hung proudly on his office wall.


I've always wanted to see the pyramids! They climbed all the way to the top? Wow, I wonder how long that would take to do that! So your not supposed to do that huh? Or is it that your not supposed to make money off of your photos of it?