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forests are special places, phyllis, especially one of the more natural ones!!

that sounds like a great idea for christmas dinner - no pressure (only on the belt!!)

it's always a pleasure speaking to you. you have so many tales and let me have poems or links.

Nadolig Llawen ich chi. Hwyl!! :-))


Well if you go again, John, please say thank you for me to the forest, sounds silly? well I think the forest knows those who value and treasure them. I have a friend in Newport, she often just goes downtown and quietly says 'Phyllis loves you:-)' at the bridge, near the castle when she is in the market et al.

Well I shall enjoy the salad things for you then, it's perfect time for them now, although we have bad weather ahead for Christmas Day, it's supposed to rain quite heavily. We're off to Auckland C.D. to have lunch with Len's sisters and their husbands. One has gone into care and we have the feeling this could be her last C. with us. It should be fun though, all us oldies eating out, no dishes, no buying and cooking the meal, Oh Joy that it could last:-)))).

Have a super Christmas John, many thanks for your scintillating conversations over the last year and your humouring this old Welshwoman. Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda -
Hwyl fawr am nawr! - Phyllis


You are right about Wentwood being an "Ancient Forest", Phyllis. I went there several times when I lived in South Wales. A lovely place. :-))

You would be surprised at what foods I can eat!! Haven't tried a rare steak since I've been home!! LOL. I eat plenty. Not into lettuce and tomato at the moment!!!!!! Pob luc.


There have been issues here with the Kiwi Fruit vines getting some disease too. So many growers have lost everything. I guess there is a point to these happening due to age but I do wonder whether there is sometimes something underhand going on. Which or whatever it's all very sad. In the case of the Larch trees they are hundreds of years old, I believe Wentwood is called 'an Ancient Forest', such happy memories I have of that magical place.

Ok then I shall not worry! till then I guess it's soft foods? Our youngest daughter will be here shortly. She and her husand have two chn, a son [10] andd an 8yr old daughter who is severely brain damaged, have a google on 'Incomplete Lissencephally'. I sometimes post pictures of Anna, she is a real miracle child, shouldn't have lived this long [I put it down to good parenting]

Well my friend I must away, wash the lettuce, slice the tomatoes etc etc:-)))


That's a lovely thing to do, Phyllis. A bit of you back home!! We seem to be getting one problem after another regarding the trees in the UK!!

I will have to have some more surgery a few months down the line so that I can have some sorts of dental plates fitted. They need all oF the recent surgery to settle down before that happens. As I say, I feel really well so no need to worry !! :-))))


Bore da John. I've just sponsored a few trees in Wentwood, Gwent, in memory of my mother. I read that the Larch trees have been decimated by some disease there. Three generations of my family have gathered bluebells there and I hope to post a few pictures of Wentwood soon. Such a glorious place to get lost in!

Your puzzles are such a challenge for me, well not only me I'm sure. What is the 'next phase?' I thought it was all behind you now? Wela I chi! - Phyllis


Your skills have improved of late, Phyllis. Well done!! I feel very good. It will be months before the next phase. Iechyd da!!


Morning, Kathy!! I think the large version will be a nice challenge. Good luck. :-))


Not to bad for an old girl I guess! How are you John?


Back to your old tricks, I see! And I thought I was moving very swiftly on this one! LOL!!! Looking forward to the large version!