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Swirl With Attitude II....

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Thanks for clearing that up PG... Frogs... It all makes sense now.... And explains EVERYTHING.... I was going to accuse him of swimming with the jelly fish, but the visual was just too much for me..... :) :)

Happy Birthday PG !!!!!!


Thanks Mimi, not to worry, when your late, I'm so late sometimes I never get there... As long as you enjoy the attitude, your right on time ... :) :)


Robbie has been licking the poison arrow frogs too much. Put that frog down Robbie enough is enough.


I love it, attitude and all. I'm late, but I finally got here!


Thanks very much SMor, I was really describing how shiny the orange looked but "oily" seemed to be the better word, sorry about brekkie!!!!!


PS.... Robbie.... Truly, love your unique and vivid imagination.... You produce many smiles on this here Jigidi fun place.... You're a treasure.... :) :)


Thank you, Katie... Me too.... Definitely going with paint... :) :)


Thanks Robbie, sort of..... Haven't had brekkie yet and the oily orange krill kinda got to me, so much for this mornings orange juice.... Been spending a lot of time lately at low tide, have you????? Jenny told me you've gotta get rid of the two sea urchins, you thought you rescued last week.... (They've become rather odoriferous).... :) :)


I'm goin' with paint! Very, very pretty paint! Thanks Sally.


I love it SMor, a glossy green whaleshark swirling in the dark blue depths while feeding on an oily school of orange krill! Another masterpiece, thanks.


Thanks oddio.... :) :)

Blueberry, lime, orange and raspberry ice cream in the same bowl... I see your point... (Tummy ache)... Let's go with paint... Thanks, Shirley.... :) :)

Thank you, PJ.... Glad you enjoyed the attitude of this little swirl... I appreciate your Modern Art comment.... :) :)

Ah Ha, you spotted the attitudinal signature, ?nauts... There seems to be plenty of attitude to go around... Mostly 'good' attitude.... Glad you like it.... Thanks.... :) :)

Thanks pumpkin, 'swattitude', good one.... Your quick... As an aside, you take great photos.... :) :)

Sometimes I feel caught in a time warp like the frame.... Thanks, Pat.... :) :)


Sorry about that, Kirsten.... I did send it to the naughty corner.... But, alas, it only laughed at me... Swirls, no civility, the Wallys.... :) :)

Like the frame that was caught in a time warp.


Swattitude! Well done, Sally. Looks like the spinning paint creations at the local fair.(2:09)


Gotta love attitude!!! I see even your signature has attitude :))))


I love this bold and colorful attitude. Very interesting piece of modern art too!


I like this creamy swirl, if I didn't know that it's paint, I'd swear it is ice-cream, then the colour is a bit of a give away, very nice Sally, Thank you.:):)


Most artful, Sally. Nice job!


Indeed it does have a bit of attitude! It was quite cheeky with me. I think it would benefit from some time in the naughty corner, thinking about its behaviour, Sally! LOL