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Splash Mountain Disneyland yesterday

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

My two grandchildren in the front row, second row my Son and his wife.


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Clive, Magnus sent Joan an email and she has put it on this puzzle.


I do not think you will get much joy from Magnus Irene I do not speak to the man over difficulties of many years ago. Hope you get answers it would help you to tell every one on the puzzle that are still alive to help you in your quest.
Good luck.


I certainly don't think it had anything to do with deleting comments Clive, in fact that's a good thing to do, as it leaves more space on the server. I deleted a huge amount last night. I have emailed Magnus, I think we deserve an explanation, I spent many many hours on that puzzle.


Hi Irene, as my email to you earlier today this is very sad. I hope it was not me deleting my comments and as you may know I have been an avid participant over many years of Joan's puzzle.
May be I removed too many of my comments?


It is Iris, but hopefully we will try and get it back.


So sad!


I wish I knew Iris, we are desperately trying to find out, I have emailed Magnus, and so have others.


What has happened to Frozen Seawater?


What a super family you have Irene.


Splashy good fun! Grins!☺


That's just an excuse. You're supposed to out there nd having loads of scary great fun. It's also good bonding time.


shame he looks terrified xx thx for sharing your lovely family with us ♥☺♥


Thanks Judy, Ken and Dave, they are there for two weeks and loving it. I'm at home, someone has got to feed the cat.☺♥☺


Great looking family Irene!!!


So, Irene why didn't you ride as well?


Looks like they're having a good time. How long are they in the States?


Thanks Joe, but I'm not too sure about little Theo, he's the one in the front with his sister, but by the time they come back I'm sure he will go on anything. ☺


Looks like fun was had by all Irene!! :))

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