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Big decisions for you both, Phyllis!! I know how much your support is to Len. Keep up your strength!! Thinking of you both!

Was thinking of you as the Chiefs won a hard battle a couple of hours ago. You still have to enjoy things in life during hard times. Bore da!!


S'mae John, appt went much the same as we thought it would. We saw the scan taken of the melanoma by Len's heart, it's a big one 2. cm x 3. 35 cm, totally out of the question to operate. So Len has some options, chemo, radiation some other drug and maybe being accepted to go on clinical trials. There are less than 200 world wide on it and they need 500, Len is a possible candiate. My job is to just support whatever decision he makes.

Do I ever thank the Lord for jigidi - it's my stress buster!
Blessings from here to your place - phyllis


Hiya, Phyllis! You have to be positive of the outcome. It is more difficult for yourself than Len. I am thinking about you both!!

Weather here is colder than it should be! Heavy snow and -10degC in Scotland and the North-east. Not as cold as that where I live but roads have been blocked in the mountains nearby. Hwyl fawr!!


S'mae John, how's your weather? We had a couple of days of threatening skies, but didn't come to much, and temps back up, but not so high, so maybe our autumn is letting us know we're in for it! Len to see the oncologist tomorrow, he seems pretty upbeat about it all. We shall see:-)

Had a hair cut today and feel somewhat less than my 3 score and ten... I'll check the link re this vessel. Take care and pob hwyl.


phyllis, there is a link to google on the same pic on tugman22. i didn't expect to hear from you for a couple of days!! :-))))


S'mae John, It looks too rusty to be salvaged too me. I guess it's covered by insurance so worth floating again. Hope you're ok John.


I'm very well thanks, Janine!

The ship started taking on water so the crew drove her aground so she didn't sink totally. The cable is the anchor chain so that the ship wouldn't get blown back out to sea. She can be refloated after temporary repairs and then towed to a shipyard to have proper repairs!!

Hi John...How are you ? I am curious.... did the ship sink from a mishap, or is it being sunk purposely in deep water ? I see it either way and thought you could answer that for me.
But, I also see a cable (?) wrapped around the hull. Is it being towed ? Garsh, hope you
don't mind all my questions today. Makes a great puzzle. Thanks so much......Janine.


Thanks, Kathy. Enjoy your day! :-))


Impressive - dramatic - shot!