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The Ariston Cafe

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The Ariston Cafe is a historic restaurant located in Litchfield, IL along Old US Route 66. It was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 2006. The Ariston was first built in Carlinville, IL in 1924. This one, still in operation, was built in 1935. I have eaten there many a time! Food is good and they have a banquet room in the back.


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Did you attend the grand opening with chickster?


Thanks, oddio. It's a backward, obscure little town. My opinion, of course.


I like the marker on the sidewalk. Litchfield looks like a nice town.


Of course, I was joking about the rats, snooker. It's very clean!
Chickie, yes the inside is the same. It looks old fashioned, with round stools at the counter area.
Thanks, warbler! It does look AD.


Nice Art Deco looking building.

Still laughing at your comment, lj.


Has the inside been left to look like it did back then I hope?


Yes, it's clean looking, gnt. They keep their rats confined to the back of the building.


very nice clean looking place......RT 66 old memories LOL great pic lauraj