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It was my pleasure, Pat. :-)


It wasn't the least you could do--it was a great deal, and it really mattered to me!!! Thanks again, Wendy!


Geeeez, Pat, I'm only now actually looking at this puzzle. It's really GORGEOUS. I guess I didn't notice it at the time I posted all the updates because all I could think about was...well, you and the updates.

Anyway, seeing as how you're such a good friend, it was the least I could do for you.


I'm back! Hello everyone, and thanks for asking after me! And thanks so much again, Wendy, for keeping everyone up to date on the strange saga...! :-D


From Pat a very short while ago:
"Guess what--we got power back! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Ahead of predictions, so that was a wonderful surprise! Took a hot shower, ate a hot breakfast (yes, ramen noodle soup!), and am getting things ready for the wedding. Just heard from Courtenay, and they are all fine, but a little tired, because when Jessica and Lauren got back to the motel after their dinner out, they woke up Luke, so he was up a few times during the night. But I'm sure adrenalin will get them so awake that it won't matter in the long run! Jess has already been to get her hair done; next comes makeup. Then they all head to the church to dress, where Courtenay will take photos of that. We will head over in about an hour or so.

So, so far, so good--still keeping my fingers crossed, and will be until we are all back home safely after the reception. Thanks for the further updates. If you want to post my other email, I'd leave a good part out, but I know you have been doing that, which I appreciate very much. This email is fine as is, I think. And I'm sorry that the tree business was so noisy! But I'm glad that there was no damage to your home. Our neighborhood still has some sections without power, so we are still plagued with generator noise, but much less than before, and, since we'll be gone all day, I don't much care. I'm just anxious about the day, but at least it began on a positive note, so I'm hoping for the best!

Take care, and thank you so much again! And I shall return--I hope--soon, both here and to Jigidi!"


You're very welcome, roseheather. And I did add a recent update not long ago. :-)


Thank you, Wendy for the info about pdevredis. I will check on that one now.


Update, no sooner did I post this Jan, then I saw your beautiful puppy as your new avatar!


You're very welcome, Jan. And by the way, I loved your Halloween avatar and was very tempted to tell you yesterday. ;-)
And I also love your new goldfish one. My daughter has three of them and although she got them as little critters, they're huge now.
For any updates on Pat, I'll continue posting them on her last puzzle posted under pdevredis (not with the 65). So that's definitely the best place to check.


Oh dear! Please keep us updated. I appreciate it so much! Thanks, Wendy.


For anyone interested, Pat tried to let everyone know that's she's alive and as good as can be expected under the circumstances. I'm just copying and pasting her second to last email to me which goes as follows:

"There were 6000 homes in town without power at the beginning, and there still are 6000. Jessica's bridal gown is in a dry cleaner that can't open, and her reception hall in NJ has no power. I keep hauling in firewood, so at least we're warm. We didn't lose any trees, but our next door neighbor had two huge ones crash right along our property lines. We heard it happen, after dark, and it took several creaking stages to finish crashing, and we had no idea where it was going to land, just that it was going to be close... Casey had one of his pine trees land on the roof, taking power likes with it--they're okay, but they can't tell yet if it broke through. Their area has no cell service now, so we only found out when they found a circuitous route to our house and told us. We called and the tried driving there, but every road we tried was blocked by fallen trees and downed power lines..... It sounds like it may be a very long time until we get power back..."


Thanks so much, Francine, Ardy, and Jan--I thought this fit in with the view I have out the sliding door--a confusing flurry of dried leaves and twigs flashing by, contrasted with bright purple pansies in the planter, hanging bird feeders swaying, and wind chimes setting up a ruckus, superimposed on a slate-grey sky...! That's how this design made me feel, too--disoriented, but (hopefully) safe inside! :-)))


Nice & bright. Liked it!

Would like this in more pieces. Thank you


Your loving hearts are encouraging. Hope they will keep us all safe. Thanks. Hugs.


Didn't know if I was coming or going. Land of Confusion. Fun. Thanks.