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Balloon Ride In Cappadocia

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In this amazing photograph by Gypsy Joyce, we see a number of travelers ascending for balloon rides in Cappadocia, Turkey. This was Joyce’s first ever hot air balloon experience and she captured it beautifully. The area is very popular for balloon rides and costs typically range between 90 – 150 euros. She posted the photo to reddit where it reached the top spot of the front page earlier this month.
Cappadocia lies in eastern Anatolia, in the center of what is now Turkey. The relief consists of a high plateau over 1000 m in altitude that is pierced by volcanic peaks. The boundaries of historical Cappadocia are vague but results in an area approximately 400 km (250 mi) east–west and 250 km (160 mi) north–south.
The area is a popular tourist destination, as it has many areas with unique geological, historic, and cultural features. The most important towns and destinations in Cappadocia are Urgup, Goreme, Ihlara Valley, Selime, Guzelyurt, Uchisar, Avanos and Zelve. Among the underground cities worth seeing are Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Gaziemir and Ozkanak. The best historic mansions and cave houses for tourist stays are in Urgup, Goreme, Guzelyurt and Uchisar. (


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Thanks, Gayle. :-)


This photo almost looks like a miniature scene that someone might have modeled, similar to a train village. ...not sure how they'd hang the balloons though, so it must be real. Beautiful photo and Puzzle, Pat! Thanks. :-)


This landscape looks like something Peter Jackson could have created.


Years ago I saw an episode of Rick Steves Europe on PBS where he was traveling in Cappadocia. I remember the caves were like something from out of this world. Never seen anything like them!