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Harp Shell.

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These shells are known for their exquisite patterns and great colours. It is named because of the raised axial ribs being suggestive of the strings of a harp. There are about twelve species with most found in shallow tropical seas. A few are found in deep water off South Australia where this one came from.
They are carnivorous and have an interesting feature. They have the ability to detach a portion of their foot. A scientist watched as a Box crab started to devour it. The Harp shell crawled around the back of the crab, coated it with a thick mucus and sand and devoured the crab!! Prey turned predator! Another marvel of nature.


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Maybe so PPM, yes we see the tails here and they never look the same, thanks.


Maybe they are like the lizards that can grow new tails when misfortune overtakes the original? I've read that the new tails are inferior to the old ones - - they are all soft tissue, no bone.


I tried to find out PPM, I think it is sacrificed but what I wanted to find out is whether it grew back again. Still trying. Thanks.


What happened to the detached foot? Did the snail re-attach it, or did it eat its own foot, or. . .???


Thanks Monica, I am behind and a lost cause, so many friends in my favourites and I cannot keep up with it all. Thanks.


Wow, am I ever falling behind my jigidi schedule! Trying so hard to catch up, so right now I'm doing your puzzles and I must say the last couple of sets have been really awesome! Thanks again Robbie! Hope your having a wonderful and restful week!


Thanks Celeste and PK, wish you could handle it, the surface is so smooth and glossy.


Very lovely thanks Robbie


so pretty
:) love the shells


Hi yellow, yes but they are in the museum now. He kept this one because it is a really good specimen, thanks.

Wow! How striking is this shell design, have never see anything like this. Does you Dad have any others of this type in his collection? A harp without an angelic connection (sorry couldn't resist) Not to worry, I understand the eat/ or be eaten . . . you go little harp!! Thanks for the info, Robbie.


Yes pretty clever I would say Hanne, thanks.


What a glorious way to avoid being eaten and get some food yourself!! Wise snail!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Survival Shirley, it is either that or get eaten themselves!! Thanks.


Such a beautiful looking shell with a terrible habit, very interesting, thanks Robbie.


Hi Trudy, well thanks very much, dad will be pleased! I am enjoying doing it and actually learning a lot myself!!

Thank you too Nana, glad you enjoy them.

All those years growing up with the shells and I had no idea myself PKH, I am amazed at some of the stories, thanks.

Well I wouldn't worry too much Graci, you know now so you won't be suckered in if you see one!! I always thought a harp was angelic!! Thanks.


Wow! Robbie! I don't care how dangerous it is, just beautiful!!


I find it amazing that such creatures of the sea are carnivorous. I would think they would be herbivores with all of the plant growth in the ocean. Really an amazing story. Thanks for posting the pictures AND for giving us the background.


I second what TrudyTai said! So pretty and such interesting history of each one. Thanks, Robbie!


If I ever am lucky enough to get to Bermuda, your Dad's shell collection will be a must see! Thanks again for sharing and going to the trouble of giving such detailed information about the shells. It adds to their interest and beauty.


You are right GS, thanks.


Beautiful to look at but not to be friends with if you live in its neighbourhood! Interesting info, thanks Robbie.


Hi PLG, you're welcome and thanks.


Fascinating! Thanks, Robbie!


Ha ha, sure sounds like it gem, doesn't it?! Thanks.

Hi Ardy, you're welcome and thanks.


Beautiful shell and very interesting information. Thanks, Robbie.


What a beautiful shell and what an icky creature! :)


Hi chickie, Jenny keeps asking me about all the notes she finds with weird names and places! Thanks.


Very pretty and thanks for taking the time to post all the information on your puzzles Robbie.


Hi Peggy and gnt, thanks, glad you like it.


Great pic Robbiel


WOW Very interesting and very beautiful shell.