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A Sparrow !?

9 pieces
152 solves
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at The Village at False Creek
(the 2010 Olympic Athletes' Village)


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Thanks Suzy! Your comment made me laugh!!


Would hate to have to keep him in birdseed...or to be standing under him when he was on a wire or tree when he had to know!


Hi Jim. That's a lot of rain! I'm sure the trees are having a good drink!! Don't worry about the puzzles. They will be there when you have some time to do them.


Hi, Cathy! The rain has stopped and it's 38F! The temperature had reached 78F before the storm yesterday! We got 2.6" in 11 hours.
I sure missed working a lot of puzzles today! LOL!


Hi Ank. I agree! He doesn't look all that friendly but the little boy is not afraid!!

Thank you Jim! I'm glad the storms were not too severe. I hope you have a good night and a beautiful day tomorrow!!

Thank you Lorna! Yeah, I think I like it too!


That is a monster sparrow. I think I like it though!


What a neat looking sparrow, Cathy!
Susan and I are doing fine. We have had thunderstorms all day long and they will continue into the night. Nothing severe or even very strong.
It's amazing what I have gotten done today around the house without the computer! LOL!
Will visit more tomorrow.


Oh wow, I hope it's a sweet one, he's so big, a little scary. :-))))) lovely


Thank you Gladstone and patsyanne!!

A BIG sparrow. Fun!


Not my favorite bird, but nice picture. Thanks Cevas.