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The parking lot at Roe Plantation, Bornholm. See comment please.

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It's almost what we have now, but we can't rely on it. It'll soon be December and it's always a question how the weather will be there!! But every day without snow is a day nearer spring. Thanks so very much Jan!!


Wouldn't it be wonderful if winter was only one month and the rest would be a continuation of autumn! I suggest January! :D
Hanne - this is so pretty. And, I love that it is so close to home!!


Indeed, we felt very welcome!! Thanks so very much!!


Very pretty. It sound as a great place for a walk, the entrance is very inviting. So let's go.


We've got to make the autumn last a little longer I think!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Nice color again Hanne! Thanks


Cherry trees are just SO fabulous when they have had a bit cold. Yes, let's go!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


If the parking lot is this pretty the plantation must be really grand. I take it we're about to visit. Let's go. Thanks, Hanne.


Rather close to where we live is this plantation. It's a wonderful wood to walk in, with many small lakes and ponds and very varied vegetation. We were welcomed by this fabulous cherry tree - I have to say that it is a couple of years ago. The colours haven't been so fine this year.