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World School Milk Day is organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, and this year will be celebrating its 14th annual event.

Since 2000, when the first World School Milk Day was held, it has been recognised and honoured each year, by 30 different countries all over the world on the last Wednesday in September. It continues to successfully promote the importance of drinking milk at school to children in a fun, memorable and educational way.

It is an exciting day full of activities that highlight the health benefits and value of school milk programs. WSMD is an engaging way to teach students about the importance of drinking milk as part of a healthy, balanced diet with an emphasis on milk as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that all kids need in order to stay alert and ready to learn.

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I suppose technically milk is a food for youngsters Pat - we don't see many of our animal kingdom continuing to want milk once they are fully grown!! That's a whole other discussion!!!


Was a milk lover when I was a kid but now just don't appeal to me..


Oh good, a happy Josie today :~))) I'm learning lots about your babies these days!! Thanks :~)

It's interesting that you like your tea like that Ardy - I've been drinking "silver tea" for years, and still love it. Many people find it very strange. Someone I knew who also drank it called it "Wilk"... hot water and milk!! I do so love knowing you are still enjoying this series, thanks :~)

I remember hating having to drink milk at primary school Wendy, but now I love it too!!! Thanks :~)

Oh, I'm so pleased I added that image Queenbee2b... I thought it was really fun too, thanks :~))

Thanks Hanne, your school basement doesn't sound very welcoming!!

I'm pleased to hear that they were promoting this in Belgium too Willy. I like all the things made from milk too... like cheese, and cream and chocolate!!!

I'm glad you also enjoy a nip of the white stuff Barb... I can think of plenty of worse things to enjoy drinking!!

I remember the days of not loving milk Edie - but I always loved yogurt... which technically is made from milk - I still don't like milk on cereal though, it makes it soggy!! I often add yogurt to my cereal instead. Thanks :~)

Thanks PJ - maybe you can promote the event in your country next year!! I'm glad you love the milk products :~)


Thank you Mandy, I've never heard of this event - but it's a a very useful / healthy reminder. I use a variety of milk products - and love them,


Not a milk lover but I will have it on cereal once in a while. Lately I've found that I prefer my granola cereal on top of a vanilla yogurt so not getting much milk at all in my diet. I guess cheese and yogurt make up for it. Thanks Mandy for keeping us all in the know.


I'm another milk addict, can't imagine not having milk in my diet. Thanks for another wonderful WK puzzle with wonderful images, Mandy.:-)


Hey Mandy, this was on TV in Belgium also, and I love milk because alot is made from it like chocolate LOL, thank you for the puzzle,
Willy. :-)))


It's such a fine idea. I remember the small bottle of milk from when I went to school in the 1950's. No refrigerators at that time, but the basement of the school was good enough to keep the milk cold and nice! Thanks so very much, Mandy!!


Great selection of photos!! I like the men dressed in cow suits!! LOL Thanks for the fun your wk brings!! :)


Uh oh, I'm addicted to milk and drink over a quart a day. Drinking as much as I do is probably not good for me, but I LOVE milk. I remember in elementary school that it cost 5 cents for a little container of milk.


To learn something new every day, visit Mandy's Who Knew puzzle!!! The only liquid I drink other than water is 1% milk. (In my vocabulary tea = water to which a dab of milk is added.) Wonder if they know about this at school. Thanks, Mandy. Great information and lovely pictures illustrating the day. Another great WK. Thanks, Mandy.


Oh, thank you, thank you, this is wonderful, isn't that baby beautiful. The child doesn't look very happy, I am. xoxo