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Through a Window - Decaying Skyscrapers!

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Ardy suggests this should be called "Old Brick and Ivy!" What do you think?


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So do I, dear sis, so do I!


I like hope! I live for hope!


:-) Real artwork, indeed! Me? I see "Hope".


Bonnie - Thank you so much! It makes my smile inside when people like my "real" artwork! Jan


This piece seems to give me a feeling of hopefullness. I appreciate staring at it. Thank you and Bravo Jan.


Of course your trip over the rainbow to Oz could be taken on very special and purple and lavender! LOL. Keep singing and having a great time!!


Why am I hearing "Follow the purple brick road" over and over in my head as I do this puzzle. I did it twice and the song wouldn't go away. Thanks for the great time.


Boy - I go away for the day and I come back to such wonderful comments from you. Thanks so much Pat, Hester and Kittenlove! I really a thrilled that you all liked this so well! Now, if I can just find the time to do something similar! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hanne is absolutely must do more of these. This one looks more like the mysteries of the pyramids, So Hester has a good suggestion for Machu fits. Your next one will most likely look more like bricks and ivy, so Ardy's suggestion would be great with Old Brick And Ivy. I like them both.....hard to choose !!! I see your creation is going in several different paths, and Pat has already picked up on it with stained glass. Jan, your "morphs" are going to be sensational.
I would love to see more also , and thanks so much. (Hope I didn't speak out of turn)


Oh, goody! More please! I LOVE this, Jan! I think it should be called Machu Pichu as it has the ruined pyramid covered in ivy :-)


This is absolutely gorgeous, Jan! It reminds me of Tiffany stained glass, only better! And I think that Ardy's title is lovely--this is a sunset painting of it! :-)))


Katie, Ardy and Hanne - I am so very glad you liked this. It is an experiment I've been working on! Thank you so very, very much. You will be seeing more in this type of design! :D


Ohhh Jan, you MUST do more of this!! Thanks so very much!!


Love the picture and love the framing. Jan, it's beautiful. How about Old brick and ivy for a title? Thank you. Wonderful.


This is just gorgeous Jan! Beautiful artwork and wonderful framing! Thanks!!!


Thanks so much, Michelle. I wish it had a better title!


ooooh.... This is just so cool, Jan! I really like it. The colours, the almost dizzying perspective. Thank you! :-)