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My bubble is about to burst...

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You're correct, Sissel, it is about to BLOW!

You're very welcome, Jan and Rob. I had a great time when I found this feature.

Gwen, thanks for the info. It's somewhat what I thought. In the States, we call those community gardens. Some are free, some are rented for small fees, and everyone benefits. More food for low income people and people who live in apartments (flats), less reliance on food banks (do you know what those are?), and more nutritious food all around. It's good that you can make a living off the land.


I really like the swirly effect around the big bubble Gail - very effective!1 Thanks.


Gail - This is GREAT! It was also tremendously fun to solve! I love the bulging ball and the swirl around it. Fabulous puzzle! Thanks!


I like the different colours in this one.
In you comment in my puzzle of Rafferty you asked if about allotments and if I live in the UK.
Yes, I live in a town called Harpenden in Hertfordshire which is about 25 miles from London.
Most towns have allotments which are plots of land owned by local councils. These plots are divided into sections which are rented out for a relatively small fee a year to anyone who wants more space to grow things. Most people grow vegetables but I took on my allotment plots in 1988 after I left work for health reasons and since then have grown flowers for cutting and herbacious perennials from which I take cuttings to grow on and subsequently sell at my local W.I (Women's Institute) market (recently renamed Country Markets), which is held once a week in the town center. It is where the orange hemerocallis is growing.


And "the blow" will contain more bubbles??? LOL thanks for sharing