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Monarch Butterfly ready to fly.

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That's too bad nicco, they are fascinating to watch, thanks.


And here we have the finished article! Gorgeous colours and shape. Doing these puzzles has been therapy for me as I mentioned I have a phobia. I can tolerate butterflies as long as they are outside - can even get quite close to them because I know there's plenty of room for them to fly away! I wouldn't be able to stay in the same room as one though. I'm more petrified of moths than butterflies - mainly because they come in during the summer months when we have to have the windows open at night. I know the phobia is a totally irrational fear, and it started in my childhood, but I'm not sure how. They are such beautiful creatures that I wish I didn't fear them so much! Thanks for a set of wonderful pics.


Thanks so much, Robbie & Jenny...............


Hi Robbie - Sent the series to my granddaughter and this is her reply. . . and I agree with her. Thank for the set.

"Really cool! "


Thanks very much all of you, something we don't see very often and quite remarkable.


beautiful and worth the wait.


Just gorgeous thanks Robbie and Jenny


AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing Rob and Jenny.


Oh, what a beauty, and you saw all of it's "birth"! Lucky you, thanks for the series, it's eminent!!


How cool to watch this from beginning to end! Thanks, Robbie & Jenny!


Another Thank You Robbie and Jenny. Truly enjoyed this set.


Wonderful shot and process to watch Robbie.


Thank you both for the great set today.

Perfect creature.


And there we have it, perfect specimen, all this in 20 minutes, marvelous! Thank you Jenny, Thank you Robbie for the postings.


nice one mate!


Nature at its best! beautiful robbiel


And they come out so perfect! Thanks Robbie.

What a special gift for you to be able to capture this transformation, we thank you for sharing it with all of us, Robbie! You rock!


Ank all is well with us thanks very much. We were hit by a freak storm, not the hurricane, quite a bit of flooding for some but no injuries or severe damage.
Tex go right ahead, glad you like it, Jenny has done this before, but I have never seen the process, lot of fun to watch.
Thank you eyes, all Jenny's pictures.
Had problems with jigidi for a few days, seems to be ok now, will be doing the rounds again.


This is exquisite, thank you.


Do you mind if I copy this pic for my FB? It's beautiful and one of my favorite things. Thanks for posting.


Wow Robbie, how great to see the whole process. It's beautiful.

Do you have your normal sky and see again? I understand there is damage on the island, but do you or your parents have.


The whole process took about 20 minutes from wriggling inside chrysalis to drying it's wings out. We let it fly out after 2 hours.