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Upgrading Windows

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

Didn't even have to call Tech Support.


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Okay, I've already posted four puzzles; but surely there's a larger pic out there in Internetland. I'll try to find one and make more pieces.

DJ and I: always ready to lend a helping paw.


Well, I tried, the most I could get it to is 56 pieces. :-(


I think I can fix that for you Fiona. I'll give it a try and send you both a private post.


@busyjean -- Oh, no! This was just a tiny pic and it won't go to more than 20 pieces. So sorry.


@busyjean -- I'll be happy to. Look for it tomorrow, k?


I don't want Microsoft updates for sure...they never work and only screw up computer...but that type of upgrade I can

We had a kitten once who loved to claw his way underneath the bed box spring and up the curtains until he took a giant leap unto your head if you happened to be in bed! So we exiled him out of the bedroom at night but all you could see under the door were two little paws trying to get in and of course, incessant meowing...yepper, we opened the door and he jumped onto the bed with lightning speed and dashed under the duvet to the bottom of the mattress where he proceeded to attack feet.

He also liked to sit on the edge of the fish tank hoping to do some 'fishing' until we bought a special cover. He was always getting into mischief and deliberately hiding. Quite the character he was...


@Birgit73 - here's the best way to get Windows updates!!!! dj

Lovely photo. Could you please put it on again with a lot more pieces. Thanks.


I really don't like either vertical or horizontal, but that was all they had at the apartment we rented before we bought our house. If I had to have one or the other, I would definitely go vertical! I have none in our house now.


[the light dawns] Ohhhhh!


Finally got vertical blinds!!!


I have never had new blinds remain undamaged for over a day.


This is too adorable!! :o)

Very sweet picture. Thank you.


Yes, this looks familiar except with full-grown cats. Say goodbye to miniblinds!!! LOL! dj