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That serpant seems to be in charge of the ocean......thanks for the puzzle.


Hi Magda and tootie thank you, I plan to keep churning the stuff out as long as I can so I am glad you enjoy it. Yes I like making it, rarely solve puzzles except my karli and gollum ones


HI All, under their kilts eh? depends very much on the fellow in civilian life. Once on Carnival day after the parade was over the Scottish band came into the pub Jen and I were in, and one of our village idiot ladies lifted two of their kilts up, fortunately at the back. One was stark naked, he was young and it was very nice. the other was a very chubby guy and I was pleased to see a voluminous pair of dark green y-fronts, just his little joke. neither of them bothered to turn round just got on with their pints, I guess they are used to it. I don't think soldiers wear antything


Another comment about your puzzles. It is like Pavlov's dog.... I almost salivate every morning until I pull up your puzzles and do at least one before I read my mail. It is simple pleasures like this that make a morning bright. Gosh, didn't want to put any pressure on you, but keep up the good and very much appreciated, puzzle making.


Is this an escort service? I would like the one with the #Dudelsack#( bagpipe) under the tail of Nessy.
Thank you June for these amusing, daily puzzles. I do them all, yours and Mandy's
PS I am never on the board, so you can't see me, but I don't care. WK are usually the first. Thank you for all the work you put into them--- but then you must have a ball doing it.
PS You can't see me, because I am never on the board, but don't care. I enjoy without being in a competition


Great puzzle, love all your Scotsmen!! Hi there Nessie!! Nice plaid and pretty flowers!! Now tell me once & for all ........... what is under their kilts??? LOL Thanks June!!! :))))))
(time, 6:43)


thanks Gwen I like the one in the middle 'See YOU Jimmy!' he looks really cross


It is too funny ! I like the bashful one. and Nessy is a perfect touch! Thank you for the laugh. : )))))