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Southwest! Arches! Park Avenue

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The first place we stopped was at this amazing formation called Park Avenue(thanks photogent) on the map. You could park and hike all around here which was something like a 1-1 1/2 mile walk if I remember right. This was my first time to Arches and it was an amazing place. It would take a week to see most of it.


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I remember seeing this--Park Ave. in this park.


It should be on now m1. Thanks photogent, I thunked your right! One place I've never been is New York City(yet). Park Avenue, Wall Street....You mean its not all the same? I got lost in the lights.

great pic, Warbler - when is this one going on the computer?


Wow, I have never seen nor heard of this. Thanks for the puzzle warbler.


A great place to spend some time with your camera. I thunked that was Park Avenue.