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Twill Weave... 'twill confuse ☺

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Inspired by this woven puzzle created by Shirley (Shian2).

Thanks, Shirley ♥
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  1. jigia8:04
  2. Whiterosie9:22
  3. queenc031210:00
  4. Kfgg10:08
  5. ladybugs80410:21
  6. lizziehow10:26
  7. Malika10:33
  8. dakotablondy10:38
  9. anitalk110:39
  10. baggins0910:43


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Thanks, Joey. It certainly wasn't easy to work it out. Do we go horizontal or vertical? I ended up doing a bit of one and a bit of the other. Confusion reigned!
Hope all is well with you two? All good here. Keeping out of trouble as best we can ☺


Nice Foxy, took a bit to figure it out, thanks


Thanks, Chrissie, I'll check it out.


Sorry, I forgot Procreate being for the newer iPads. Have you tried ArtRage? Pretty sure it will suit your model.
Really, really looking forward to seeing the ink art!!


Excited to see the other templates you did on Procreate, I can't down load Procreate, it's only for the new iPad. Have fun with the marbling, sounds like the PYM will do the trick. I must get back to my Ink painting, maybe today or tomorrow.


Thanks, Shirley. It's kudos to you for inspiring me ☺
I'm about to post another woven one. I've been drawing templates in Procreate on the iPad. Four done so far - flat, twill, diagonal and wonky weaves. If I can think of another design I'll try it LOL.
On another note, I'm inspired to do some paint marbling on PC. Did some about 5 years ago on translucent but the paint scratched off too easily but now we have PYM that I read will seal better than the Varathane I used on the first lot of beads. Waiting on some Easy Marble from Joggles before I have a crack at it ♥


I didn't make the LB but I enjoyed every second of my 12:35, a wonderful puzzle, Chrissie, Thank you, and I'm looking forward to the next one.


Hi Terry, you're not that much older than me and I know what it is like being confused. We older people have stored much more in our brains than the youngsters it's no wonder we don't always get things right ☺
Thank you for your kind words about my puzzles. I have solved umpteen of your puzzles! No objection to being stuck with you ☺☺ I love Ruth's puzzles. They are part of my daily puzzle diet. If I can't solve every day I bookmark for later. More bookmarks than you can poke a stick at right now.
I've spent several hours today drawing another weave design - a wonky one so that'll get your brain thinking. I'll do a flat weave for your puzzle. Kinder to the brain LOL.


Hi Chrissie
Sorry for my confusion, I'm 80 so I have an excuse. Your latest puzzles are amazing,
I will do whatever ones you put up. I have put up a few but not quite so addicting, you are stuck with me... Totovader is my daughter...
Thank you again
Terry alias Mumbo


Thank you, Sandy. It is rather colourful, isn't it ☺


OK, Terry. I'll start on it today.
My name is Chrissie, not Shirley by the way. I was thanking Shirley for inspiring me but it reads as if I am Shirley in the description. Sorry to confuse you even more ☺


Thanks, Judy. Challenge is good for us! Think how much brain exercise it gave you LOL.

Unique design and great colors. Thanks. Sandy


Thank you Shirley, no preferences for me, whatever you design will be great!


Loads of fun, Chrissie! It was a challenge. Loved it!


Being slow has it's advantage - more fun time ☺

Thanks, frandancer.


Very slow on this one, but such fun to solve. Thank you!


Thanks heaps, Judy! I was undecided between sorting by dots or stripes so I spun my wheels for a while ☺


Great puzzle!!!!!! Slow start but after I figured out what to do it went quickly :))


And another WOW to your comment, Terry! Thank you! You really truly like this one ☺
I've drawn a basic template for a flat weave as well as this twill weave. We'll have to keep that brain of yours working so my next one will be a flat weave just for you. Do you have any preference for colours, patterns or theme etc?


Thanks, lefty. All the better to find the ice cream!


WOW! You should win a prize for that puzzle! The best I have seen and enjoyed in years! I actually had to use my brain, thank you so much, (make another one like it soon) Mumbo, alias Terry


Cute! That got my eyeballs working!

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