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Hi, Sue. It is 4:12 am now. I made three cakes for the Christmas party of YMCA. I am sitting here while the last one is cooked in the oven. I'll posted today's now. Good Night or Good Morning!


Hi Sachi. Wonderful mix of patterns and textures and layered effects. That moss green and dark teal really are nice in here. Enjoyed it a lot. 1:27


Hi, Jo. I did not know the theme but good to be in time. The group, The Philharmonics, is my favorite. I made this one listening to their music. So very happy with your comment. Thank you, Jo.


Hi, Libby. Thanks for a message. Glad you like this one. We , even people with other religions, enjoy Christmas. Making cakes, sending presents, or decorating the rooms or gardens. I think Christmas is the most amusing holiday. I remember the first time Santa presented me a very cute doll. I expected one with eyes opening or closing. But not such one. Then my grandmother explained. ' He really hoped to present you one, but there were too many girls who wanted such dolls...' I, for the first time, felt sorrows of life. LOL Our biggest holiday is a new years day. We do many traditional things. Hope I will make a new year puzzle. Thank you, Libbly. Have a nice jigi time.


Wonderful contribution to this weeks music theme!! Lovely colors, and really fun shapes!! You even semi hid your logo!! Things seem to peek out at us behind the 3-D placements!! Thankyou Sachi for a fun jigidi time!! :)


Really like this one, Sachi! Have a wonderful Holiday season (what do you celebrate this time of year?) Thanks ;-)