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A trip down memory lane - 1

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It's good to remember where you started/came from. This is a puzzle I made when I was very first learning how to make kaleidos. I have learned so much since then, and I still have a lot more to learn. So many people here on jigidi have helped me. I can't list them all because I fear I might leave someone out. It's been a wonderful journey...and it still goes on. I would like to encourage all of you who want to make this type of puzzle to keep on trying and ask for help from those who make your favorites...I've found them to a wonderful bunch of people!!!

PS...I added the border to this before I posted it. I didn't know how to do that when I actually made the kaleido! Happy puzzling/solving to all! :)))


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LOL! Glad you enjoyed it Brie! :)))


LOL!! they all look like my brother!! I like the way they all have their hands on the table!


Little men around the table...and into a slice of pineapple! LOL
Thanks Ladywil, diane and Rob! :)))


....and they're into a slice of pineapple!!! Thanks Deborah.

I agree-ha ha -the little men around the table. Thank you DIANE FROM NEW JERSEY


ha ha...the little men around the table :)