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Red Barn

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Beautiful red barn in Cullman Co., Alabama (USA)


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Hi, Lois in Washington. :-)) So glad you stopped by to check out the barn I posted. I also LOVE barns, especially red ones. :-) It is nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by.

Beautiful red barn. I love old barns, sheds, tobacco sheds, whatever, they all have so much character. Thanks, Lois in WA.


Hi, Haney. Just found this and thank you for the Mother's Day wish. My son DID cook me my favorite meal and I enjoyed it so much. In the past, we have tried going out for lunch on Mother's Day but the restaurants were WAAAAAY to crowded and we found ourselves waiting in line and my son does not like waiting in line very much and had rather just cook it himself. (ha) I had a nap after lunch too. :)))


Donna, Happy Mother's Day. I hope your son cooks you something special today or maybe he will take you out! Haney :-)

Good to hear from you too! Hope all is well with you. We should be getting a few days of winter soon. I have so enjoyed the warm days. ROLL TIDE!!


Hi, Judy. I'm sorry I am just now getting to this. Boy, am I behind on my puzzles and answering comments on my site here. I'm so happy the Tide beat Clemson but I was heartbroken when they lost the Championship but I will never leave them. They are and have been my team for years and years and years and I knew that had to happen at some point, just wish it hadn't been the Championship. :(( But I will be right here waiting with excitement and anticipation when the season starts this year. (ha) Good to hear from you, my friend, and I will get to your site very soon. Have a good and blessed day, my friend.


Thanks, Gloria, for your comment. I'm sorry I didn't find it until now. I love barns and fences. :)) Glad you liked this barn too. Take care, my friend.

ROLL TIDE!!! I think I've seen this barn dblay. I love Cullman! So clean.
Jan 9th should be a real hard fought game for Alabama and Clemson in Tampa! Can't wait! God Bless.

This looks like a horse barn with the fence going around, could be wrong but a guess. I like this picture since it brings back memories when I would go up north to get away and go horse back riding. Thank you.


Thanks, Haney, for dropping by and checking out this red barn. This one seems to be in use but someone put a LOT of red paint and effort into it. :))) Have a good day.


Thanks dblay. Very nice barn. Haney


Thank you, jasonchung, for checking out this "red" barn. :) Yes, I believe it is still in use and well maintained. Thank you for your wishes and I wish you the same. :)


This is an attractive and well maintained red barn. Thanks dblay.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful weekend.


Thank you for dropping by and checking out my "red" barn. :-) I love barns too but normally, folks do not convert them into residents - they usually use them for farm purposes only and places to store hay for cattle. It is sad but most of them just fall apart when folks are finished with them or move away and leave them.

I do love these old American barns. Do people convert them for residential use ?


Hi Donna. My daughter has been helping me out quite a bit so I have time again to post. Hope you are having a lovely day! Hugs my friend. ☺♥


Thank you so much Donna!!! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Hugs to you too my friend! xxxooo


So glad you like my red barn, Margaret. Oh my, I will miss you so much and all your beautiful puzzles. February seems a long time away, but I understand your commitments and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful and blessed Christmas, my friend. Thanks for letting me know so that I would not worry about you. :-)) Hugs my friend until you are back. Oh, and have a wonderful and safe "trip" too.


Love your red barn Donna!!! I will not be posting any more puzzles on Jigidi until February of next year as I simply do not have the time as I have committed myself to a lot of things at my church until Christmas and after that I will be going away on my trip. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs, Margaret


Glad you enjoyed my red barn puzzle, Marian. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you found it. :-)) I rarely post but sometimes I find something that I want to post and I liked this one.


Good puzzle Donna...and a nice challenge too.... :)


Thanks for stopping by, Connie. Yes, the barn seems to be in good shape and I love red barns so I couldn't resist when I saw it and Mr. Warren said it was okay to "use" it. :-)) Have a good day.

Looks as if someone might have just gotten a new paint job. Or has been very well-kept. Either way, it's a beauty. Thanks for posting, dblay. connie