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Belated Happy Birthday Kirsten :))
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Thank you Pat and Dazzling. (•‿•)

Lived this one. Thank you and Happy belated Birthday Kirsten


Awesome ... Thanks And Happy belated birthday Kirsten


A stunning image! :-))


I do!! It is utterly beautiful! Thanks again for thinking of me, Janet. (•‿•)

And if you do need any help posting, please let me know. You're so close, we could even do phone support! LOL Thanks again. (•‿•)


Thanks Kirsten - glad you liked it, I thought it was so gorgeous. Next time I 'create' I will let you know first !! Cheers, Janet :))


Oh, Janet!! Is this the puzzle you were talking about? It's beautiful!!! And you've already posted it, so sorting out the problems you mention will mean re-posting it. But back to the thought of posting this for me. What a lovely thing to do! I really appreciate it. Thanks SO much!! I love the peacocks tail in the grape hyacinths. It looks bejewelled!!

And I wish I had known only a few hours earlier that you were going to do this. I just completed my "thank you" puzzle for all my birthday puzzles. And I included thumbnail images of them all. So now I can't include yours. Waaaaaah! I'll have to include it as a link. But do let me know if you're going to pull it down and put it up again.

Oh, dear. I'm all over the place in this comment. Sorry!! But thanks SO much for thinking of me. I do hope that one day we might be able to catch up for a cuppa. ❤❤❤

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