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Breakfast is served.

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Faye I see so much happening around here with the wildlife. Birth and death, often violent and all I see are fur or feather remains. I have stopped worrying about what happened or what could happen. I have enough to worry about with my flock and trying to keep them safe. Even my own dogs are guilty of killing, and eating whatever they can catch. It's hard to see something like you describe and not try to help. At one time I would have done exactly what you did but now I just hope for the best and let nature take it's course. ❤︎


I've been thinking of Mona lately. We have a pond between our two buildings and a mallard couple hatched ten eggs. For three weeks we have been watching the ducklings grow under mum's watchful care. She never smothers them but keeps an eye on all of them to make sure they're safe...although there are three rebel "teenagers" in the group who like to take off to the other side of the pond! I panicked a bit yesterday when I couldn't see any of them in the pond. I looked over our balcony and here's mum with the "herd" walking along the public/dog walk parallel to the river. The tide was out and it was an 8-10 foot drop to the huge boulders below the wall...with lots of holes to trap the little ones. All of a sudden mum flies down to the sandbar...evidently one of her babes had fallen over the side. Well, here's nine other ducklings peeping for mum running from one end of the cement embanquement to the other...back and forth, back and forth...By the time I got four floors down and around to the back of the building they were all in the water! I thought for sure some would be injured. Well, we bid them a fond farewell figuring they'd never get up over the huge rocks and would bed down along the river from now on. Guess what. By dusk, after high tide, they were all back in the pond for the night. They're off on the river right now...I sure will be glad when they grow up and I have to stop counting heads to see that everyone is safe!

But the mum reminded me of Mona...knowing just when to allow them a bit more freedom...or teach them the next skill (like diving with a teeny little butt up in the cute!)...helping them grow into what "being a duck" is all about...but ever at the ready to protect her brood. ❤


She and her 4 chicks were killed by the weasel last summer :-(


What happened to Mona?????


Thanks PJ. Sally is the only one from all of my hens who has hatched eggs for me this year. I really miss Mona.


Thank you for posting - yes, Sally does look wonderfully proud - and the young ones are beautiful looking....


Thanks Rosie and Jan. You are absolutely right Rosie. I would really like to keep all three since I sold all of the older ones. I'd be fine with 1 rooster but not sure what I would do with two. I've been cheating with treats for two days now. Pigging out on licorice and chocolate covered cashews as I type. lol.


Great posing on this one, Edie! :)


One of you three may have a comb but Mom Edie wants to keep all three of you so two have to be female. They are looking so beautiful and getting so big. Sally is doing a good job. Thanks for the update, Edie. I hope you enjoyed your beautiful gifts from your aunt and spoiled yourself and that your birthday was wonderful when you celebrated it with your family.


Thanks Kathy. That was why I got them in the first place. I thought they were pretty too.


These chicks continue to look adorable to me - so pretty!!!


She's always full of herself when she has chicks Florrie. ☺︎


Yes she is a bit better Ardy but I did have the zoom on for this picture. Last night for the first time she had the kids up on one of the roosting bars instead of in a nest box with her. They're growing up. ☺︎


They are so pretty, Edie. Is Sally more willing to let you near them now? Love this. Thanks.


Thanks Brie and Barb. I finally remembered to check their combs this morning and the centre one has none but I do see something starting on the other two but it's still too early to be sure.


Sally and the chicks look really good, Edie. Thanks for the update. :-)


They are looking so good! I love the black edges to the feathers. Good to see you back, Edie.

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