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Dearest Angelbender,
Our thoughts are with you while you recover from your 11-week stay in the hospital and rehab. Please, get well real soon, as we all miss you terribly here on jigidi and are all very much looking forward to having you come back to us! I received your letter today, and I must say it was a really nice surprise indeed! Thank you so very much for thinking of me during your recovery and for the nice letter! I can hardly wait to plant my Angel Trumpet seeds and my Pepper seeds that you included in your letter! Thank you very much! Much love, hugs & kisses are being sent your way!

P.S. I will be sending you a letter in return very soon!
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Dearest Angel, sorry it has taken me so very long to get back to you! Been dealing with quite a few of my own medical problems during this past couple of months. But I'm finally beginning to feel up to par these days. I'm so very glad that you liked your get well card, and the Fushia! It's one of my favorites too. By the way, I almost never make the board and when I do I always get kicked off by someone whos always a bit faster! LOL I would dearly love to see pics of your Angel Trumpets, have you posted any lately? Hope your feeling much better these days, you must stay in touch with me please and keep me up to date with all that's happening with you! God bless you Sweety! Big hugs!

Thank you for the lovely card, Monica. How'd you know the Fushia is one of my favorite flowers?
I can't believe I worked the puzzle quickly enough to make the board. That probably won't last long. :)))

The Angel Trumpet I have blooming is white, but one bud on another plant appears to have a purple edge, so it may yet be your favorite color.

Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes, gemstone, kittenlove and chickiemama. Progress is slow, but I try to keep moving forward.


Thank you so much Janine and Faye for your get-well greetings to our dear Angelbender! I'm sure she very much appreciates it! I will leave it up to Angelbender as to how much is told of her own story as it is not up to me to tell it per her request! She needs all the prayers and blessings and thoughts that she can get! So, once again I thank you with all of my heart my dear friends! God bless! Hugs...Monica


Worrying about "why" you are in hospital is bad enough...having to stay there for so long compounds the problem. Hope you had some good friends sneaking you in tasty food every now and then! Glad you're home and on the mend. Blessings

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Angelbender. You are missed, so please
get well as soon as you can. Sending lots of hugs, Janine :-)))

Pretty get well card are a great friend to all of us.
Hugs.....Janine :-)))


Hi Chickiemama, yes Angelbender is doing much better and is at home at this moment resting in her own bed! After being in those gosh-awful hospital and rehab beds for the last 11 weeks I'm sure she's glad to be able to sleep in her own comfy bed for a change! She's going to have a very long recovery, to get over what she's been through but our Angelbender is tough and will be back with us before we know it! We should all keep her in our prayers and thoughts and send her lots of love!


Aw, I have been wondering and worried about you angelbender. So sorry to hear that you have been sick and happy to know you are recovering. Have really missed you. Get well my friend! Hugs and prayers. Sandy

Thank you Monica for this lovely get well card for her.

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