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Another persepective

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Photographed from the same vantage point as the previous image, but with a 600mm lens. A monastery on a hill.
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Thank you for not only the photographs, but the information you've provided from first-hand experience.


Yolanda, I tried and made it more than halfway. But I was carrying too much in my backpack (had come from another outing) and was getting tired from the steep climb. There was also monkey urine and other waste on the steps because people feed the monkeys there. Visitors have to remove their shoes and socks and at various places the steps became slippery because of the afore-mentioned condition. Some people cleaning the steps and one asked for donations to keep the steps clean. Of course if people stopped feeding the monkeys the steps would stay clean. Maybe another time I can try again. It's undoubtedly beautiful inside.

Very beautiful perspective. We're you able to visit the temple? Would love to see inside.
Cheers Yolanda

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