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24 by Bookish ~ in Jigidi

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24 pieces
44 solves
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  1. laurajane0:34
  2. sammiegirl0:47
  3. Ejc0:54
  4. MikeO0:57
  5. Shian20:58
  6. madpol1:00
  7. jaunty1:07
  8. jan42ful1:09
  9. donnade1:10
  10. jimbos1:13


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Thanks, Janet. :)


Thanks, Ardy. I love your interpretation. Glad you liked it.


♥ Maddie


Fabulous colours thanks Fran, with hugs.


The water is very choppy and the green wave is splashing beautifully. There might be a big fish at the bottom that the green wave hit that make it splash. Fun and pretty. Thanks Francine.


So it's bad in your country too.. I thought so. We're in lockdown too, since December 15. And very much afraid of the British mutant. Yes, you said it right, it ís a sad time.

My daughter still sings sometimes. Actually, we sing. We, is my brother, my daughter and me, we formed a band. They both play the guitar, and sing. I sing too, and in some songs I use a shaker and a kazoo. It is really great to make music together. Of course, it's only covers, but that is okay. We have fun with it. Although, now with Covid, we don't practice very often.. :-(

I talked to my Mom on the phone, and she asked me to say hi to you. She hopes you are okay
Stay safe Francine♥


Glad you liked it. Thanks, Shirley.
It is annoying. Vent anytime. :)


Thanks, Francine, for this colourful fun puzzle.

BTW, have you noticed when solving, if a piece is behind another and you click on it, it no longer comes forward, also the annoying timer drives me mad, my time says one thing and then it jumps up at least two seconds, I know this would happen to all solvers but it is annoying :) needed to vent a little. :))




Thanks, Barb. Glad it pleased you. Colours (any colours) are needed here. Grey skies and snow.


Old Faithful just erupted but in COLORS! WOW!! Fun! Thanks, Francine :)


Hi Maddie. Glad you're all well. I know Pru misses singing with her choir. Is your daughter still singing, even if it's only at home?

Covid numbers aren't as high as in the States but they're still very high. Up until last fall, Canada's daily average was around 300 and now it sometimes reached over 7,000! We've been in lockdown since December 26th and started a more stringent lockdown starting today, for a minimum of 28 days. [Many people have travelled to the States and overseas even though we were all requested to stay home. We now have the new strain of Covid because of that.]

As Pru, I rarely go anywhere. Sad times for the whole world.
Yes please, give my regards to Pru. I always notice your absence from Jigidi, as well as Pru's.

Stay safe. ♥



Francine, that is very kind to ask. Pru is well, but, like many of us, she is very afraid of getting Covid. She hardly gets out of the house. The whole (scary) situation depresses her somewhat. I will tell her you asked, she has a soft spot for you :-)) Me and my kids are okay too. And you, is Covid just as terrible in Canada as in the States?


Thanks, Maddie. Hope Annie/Pru is well, as well as you and yours. :)


Beautiful! (and interesting..) thanks Francine☺

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