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I (think) these are deformed 'Ditch Lilies'. (triple petals!)

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Thank you Kathy.


Beautiful picture of triple headed orange day lilies.
I Just got back from vacation & have to add my 2 cents worth! :o
A 'ditch lily' has 6 petals, a double has 12 & a triple has 18!! I have both the wild (ditch) daylily & the triple in my yard as well. I wonder why I have no doubles?? How can I not love something that requires no special care & just keeps spreading?


Thank you Celeste and Li.


Full and colorful, Sandy. I like them. A lot!


They are really cool looking Chickie :)


Thank you RetiredJan, wigma, roseheather and mimi.


They are very pretty Chickie, no matter what they're called. Thanks!


As I thought, Chickiemama. No doubt the same lily in the SE county in MI is also a "ditch" lily. ; )


We call them tiger lilies, (probably because of the orange color).


That's so funny - I've never heard of ditch lilies before and thought it was a typo for Dutch lilies! (Like Dutch iris?). He He. Very nice, chickie!


I feel the same way Dave. I KNOW I have left a comment and SAW it, but came back and it was gone.

We call roadsides in the country, ditches around here roseheather. Were I live the soil is clay, so they are deep for runoff water.


I've been intrigued with the term "ditch" lily. We have lilies along the road ways, but call them road-side lilies. Maybe the term "ditch" lily is used where there are more obvious ditches?

A lower tier county in Michigan, Lenewee, has some pretty steep ditches in the southeast corner of that county. I would guess this lily growing there would be a "ditch" lily.


I became convinced some time ago that I was leaving comments, saw them left, came back later and they were gone. I've been watching for some time now and I'm sure of it! There has to be a program glitch!


Thank you eyes, morris,shirley, Graciela and young man.


Nice one young lady and these are something great to have in a ditch.


Morris, a haha is a turfed ditch between a garden area and a field. It has a vertical side retained by a wall, and a sloped side. It stops cattle coming into the garden, it's deep enough to be invisible when you look across the land. It gives the impression the owner's land goes clear to the horizon.
My pun was a joke - like, 'ha-ha'. Sorry, it's late and I'm a tired girlie now.


Not deformed, just beautiful!


Wow, triple petals, I'll have these beauties in my garden any day regardless of their name, gorgeous chickiemama, Thank you.


Never noticed the difference, chickie.
Great minds think a like, Suzy.
Ya gotta tell me, eyes. When?


When it's a haha. This kind of a pun...


They are splendid - I've never seen them before. Here's a riddle - when is a ditch not a ditch? Answer coming up in ten minutes.


It has some to do with the capitol V,D, and L, Suzy!! :-)))


LOL Suzy.


Victorian Ditch Lilies. Kind of give a bit of class to the word "ditch".


Thank you javasage, elf75, Dave, Hanne and JiggyBelle.

Thank you for all the insight javasage and Dave. I guess it's better than saying they are deformed. LOL I thinks it's kinda neat that it is in historic Victorian gardens.


They are fantastic! and need a more beautiful name. Thanks, Chickie!


They are awfully pretty, Sandy! Thanks so very much!!


They are an old time natural cultivar. I've seen them in historic Victorian gardens. They are around here, too. I think they bloom later tho than regular ditch lilys.


Pretty flowers, chickie! Thanks!

Yes, I also have these it my yard. They add so much color I really like them


Not sure, but I have the same kind in my yard...they may be a hybrid or vintage type, chickiemama. Will be curious to see if someone knows! Thanks ;-)