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Fall Candles! (BOARDS)

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  1. feistyfreddy2:16
  2. life22:28
  3. princesst2:28
  4. MikeRita2:30
  5. Bididi2:43
  6. javasage2:48
  7. pdevredis2:49
  8. Luxlass3:21
  9. rockbit3:23
  10. Moschake3:30


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Let's hope that never changes, PJ. Candles just bring such fun into our lives.


Jan - how delightful, both your puzzle and the comments. Yes, I remember too - years ago - when candles became the great hit. Over here, candles have been constantly 'in' ever since - colors and design change about every second year,


No, Hanne - never grow old, PLEASE! Keep on enjoying life - because that was what it was all about, wasn't it!!

Thank you, Hester!!


So pretty Jan!
Hanne, it certainly isn't!


I've never come out of them really!! Is that bad??:-)))


You're right, Faye!! :))

Mary - I remember those days very well.. . . at least I think I do! LOL


Takes me back to my high school and college days, when candles were THE thing, very hippie-ish! LOL 6:11 Thanks, Jan!


See why it's my most favourite season of the year? :DDD


Mimi - now that you mention it, so do I!!!! I can hardly wait! :D


Such a gorgeous puzzle. I want my turkey and dressing NOW!


Ardy - I am so sorry that scent affects you that way. I like spicy/sweet fragrances that are not too "cloying." These were particularly nice candles and are an inspiration to my decorating side. Thank you!


The pears look real enough to eat. Really LOVE these Jan. I don't burn them like I used to and I have to be careful about scents more so now than when I was younger. Certain odors are migraine triggers for me. I can usually manage pine and balsam and the mints as long as they are not sweet. These are so wonderful. Thanks, Jan. I LOVE them.


Thanks so much, Pat! I liked them, too! Now, I just have to duplicate that in my home!


Candles are wonderful, and these are gorgeous, especially in the settings--imaginative and warm, and the season at its best!


I LOVE candles. At any time of the year......but especially now, when the weather is cold! Thanks, Hanne!


Ooooohhhhhhh, they are LOOOOVELY, can't say anything but that!! They give you this warm and cosy feeling inside! Thanks so very much Jan.

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