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Georgia Street, Vancouver, Canada

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I took this picture on Dec 18, 2012.
On the left you can see the Hotel Vancouver which opened in 1939. I think it is supposed to be called the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver now ... but no one uses the new name.


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I'm glad you like them Laurajane. You are very welcome!


Love all the photos of Vancouver, Cathy. Thank you!


Thank you Gladstone! Your comments are always welcome!!!


Thank you Cevas. It's always nice to see pictures of the big city in the west.


Hi Ank. You are very welcome, friend! I'm glad you are exploring Vancouver with me! I agree with you. The downtown area of any big city is interesting to visit but not the best place to live.


This looks very nice. I like this kind of photos very much. I like to see how things are in other countries. I like the busy photos, but also the silence. I like to see this, and I like to walk there, now and then. But I never want to live in a street like this. Thanks Cathy for another nice photo.


Hi Lorna. Yes, it is that!! On Nov 17th I posted a picture of Georgia Street taken near Stanley Park looking east. This one was taken at Howe Street looking west towards Stanley Park.


Nice photo Cathy. It looks a lively street!