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Tree trying to cross the road. Why?

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  1. Ianto1:23
  2. SharonAnn1:29
  3. mariolyn1:30
  4. jpitts1:37
  5. jaj571:39
  6. Graciela1:41
  7. jira6511:46
  8. loveydear1:49
  9. debdaz1:52
  10. cevas1:54


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Thanks mariolyn. I just noticed how incredibly speedy you are. I'm never #1 (unless I'm the first to solve) and I most often don't make the board at all . If I go back to improve my time, it usually gets worse.


Love this. Thanks.


You really took a spectacular picture and I love the caption too!

Mpilnadyful, I can't find starlord! He hasn't posted any pictures since Sept 19 which is not like him. Have you seen him?


Thanks for commenting cevas. I think it's a pepper tree and the bark is really interesting. It did amuse me though to see it sticking its "toe" into the street and leaning out - I suppose to look both ways before it crosses.


What a beautiful tree! And a great picture and puzzle. Thank you, mpilnadyful.


Oh pm - that's even better/worse!!! Thanks.


I'm surprised it didn't tell you to leaf it alone!


Thanks for everyone's help in answering "why". I asked the tree but he'd only "bark" at me. Big groan!

Haven't you heard?
The grass is greener on the other side.


It wants to go to the sunny side of the street!

How impressive... Thanks


That is very impressive... Great shot it is


Guess because he wants to go to the other side...

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