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Parc del Fòrum, Barcelona, Spain

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41.410906°, 2.225229°

“Parc del Fòrum is a large, open-air music and event venue in Barcelona, Spain. In this Overview, the venue is set up for Primavera Sound, an annual music festival that takes place between the end of May and beginning of June. Since 2001, the Primavera Sound has presented a lineup of independent artists across all styles and genres, with a particular focus on pop, rock and electronic/dance music.”

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  1. aaarrrggghhh7:00
  2. evielou7:54
  3. Emmergee9:09
  4. stunned9:30
  5. liz5510:25
  6. formersusan11:18
  7. Bill_I_Am11:24
  8. Kaffesoester11:36
  9. dj2et12:29
  10. patw12:38


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Thanks, that was cool, and I found the music festival. My stomach says I just have to remember not to zoom too fast... :)


You're welcome, Gayle. I'm happy to hear that this pleased you. I'll bet Pat could advise you on traveling there. Thanks for traveling this far. :-)


Rebecca, maybe this Google Maps view of the coordinates above will satisfy your curiosity about those shapes. You'll be able to zoom in much closer and click on the icons and labels that appear.


For some reason, this overview looks neater and more inviting than other cities. If I were a traveller, I'd say it was time for a trip. Thanks, Bill!


Lots of interesting and puzzling things to see in this one - like the strange shadows the unusual shaped buildings make, and I guess the music complex in the lower center is the peach, orange and gray polyhedrons, and 2 buildings with unusually shaped aqua colored corrugated roofs? I also really like the way the blue water changes to green in lower depths. Thanks for an overhead puzzle with enough colors for my old eyes to solve. :)


You're welcome, Pat! :-)


Awww, you've made me a bit nostalgic for Barcelona, Bill.


Google tells me: "Primavera Sound Barcelona 2020 will begin on Thursday, June 4 and ends on Saturday, June 6." That is pretty short. Also, I found this link:

I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle, Returner. So did I!


Oh, groan -- I know this is not your doing, but the music festival is said to occur "between the end of May and beginning of June," so it's a nanosecond or less. Very short festival. The puzzle was fun! :-)

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