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Timmy in my shoes.

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When I come in from shoveling snow I take my shoes off and put them on some paper so I don't track water all over the place. I was in the basement and looked up the stairs , Timmy was in my shoes.
I read a book called "Cat Sense " by John Bradshaw. He says that cats view us as big slow dumb cats .
I figure Timmy is seeing how its like to walk in a big dumb slow cats shoes.
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Hi Kat always so nice to hear from you. I believe Timmy is happy he wants me to play all the time . He doesn't know I'm getting old. Thanks for the kind words Kat , I won't let it go to my head. hahaha. I could not believe that they tried a pass play .That's unforgivable.
Stay warm Kat , I'll talk to you again soon , Mr. Shoe fly Mittens.
PS With a name like that I could become a rapper.


Jana , that is so funny. Max went pee in your boots. You and Max have a good week too. Jim


This picture is absolutely priceless, Jim. I guess I'll have to change your name from Mr. Mittens to Mr. Shoefly! :) Timmy looks well-fed and happy. I'm certain he's trying to tell you thanks for the great home, Jim -- nobody else can fill your shoes! Thanks for your notes. Yes, too bad about the Seahawks. Oh, well . . . Whatever! (hee, hee, hee) Best to you, my friend! Kat


Thanks for the great laugh Timmy and Jim ☻ Max do not go in boots. When he was little kitty, he went pee in my boots instead to the toilet ☻Have a nice new week.


abel,We think Timmys priceless.


Agnes , He's probably thinking how can they walk in these?


Priceless!! :-)


It seems pensive... :))


Nicky , We will see our departed loved pets on the rainbow bridge some day , We still miss our kitty's who left us.
Must be a trait in the cats to beat us to the top of the stairs. Jim


Eva, He is training , he wants to go to Hollywood.

Eva , On je trénink , chce jít do Hollywoodu .


Neville , Good one.


Smllpkg, size 13 ? How about 12 sizes smaller for me, says Timmy . Jim


Janet, I took your advice and posted it.
We play hide and seek and chase each other around , he makes the cutest noises when he runs. He has many different sounds. Hugs , Jim


BK, Knowing Timmy he will figure out something. Jim


Ha-ha! Just reading your thread, jetmech, reminded me of my cat, Connie. She used to wait until I'd got nearly to the top step, just one step to go, then she'd race up the stairs and get to the top before me! Although I've had Tasha for nearly two years, I still miss Connie.

Timmy by mohl hrát v pohádce Kocour v botách. Možná už trénuje.

Timmy could play a fairy tale Puss in Boots. Maybe he trains.


Just trying them on for size!


Jim, I'm so pleased you posted this pic of beautiful Timmy. Everyone will love it (already are!) Yes I agree about the big slow dumb cats, as Molly races past me, I'm sure she is thinking that. Thanks for the fun and hugs dear friend.


He's how do I make them work?
Cute photo Jim. Thanks☺
PS....Always check your shoes to see what might have gotten tucked into the toe by a playful cat ;-))


Good morning Auntie Marlene, You made me laugh, I don't think Timmy will ever let me win. Doesn't bother me though, a father always likes the son to do better than he did. Timmy and myself always enjoy hearing from Auntie Marlene. Timmy loves all the attention you bestow on him.Hope you are having a good day. Love and hugs Timmy and Jim.


GOOD MORNING DARLING TIMMY, Looking So Beautiful There Wearing Daddy's Big Dumb Cat Shoes. I Love How You Race Up The Stairs Past Daddy, == BUT == I Think Maybe One Time You Should Let Him Win. It Would Boost His Ego. == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == EXTRA BIG TUMMY TICKLES & BIG CUDDLES & LOTS OF LOVE From Auntie Marlene. Many Thanks For Sharing Beautiful Timmy With Us. Love And Best Wishes, My Dear Friend Jim Love to Pat, Marlene, X X X X.


Ginger , ever since I read that in that book, I always think he is thinking that about me. When I go up the stairs , he waits at the bottom till I have one step left then he zooms past me to the kitchen. I haven't won yet. hugs , Jim


Thanks Flofrie , he melts our hearts with his eyes.


He didn't stay long , what's that smell?


oynot, He's a curious boy.


He has his thinking cap on and will figure out shortly what to do with these big dumb cat shoes are for. Can see the lightbulb coming on soon. LOL Love it Jim. Thanks pal for the big smile! ♥


That's exactly the expression he has at the moment . . . Hmmmm, what could possibly be the advantage to hiding your paws in these things?!?


How cute! :)
TFS jetmech7!

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